The reserch of design Technological parameters for reliability connections for tungsten carbide inset cutter with cone

Students Name: Vyshnevskyi Oleksandr Ihorovych
Qualification Level: magister
Speciality: Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Institute: Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport
Mode of Study: full
Academic Year: 2022-2023 н.р.
Language of Defence: ukrainian
Abstract: The object of the study is " The research of design Technological parameters for reliability connections for tungsten carbide inset cutter with cone ". The purpose of the thesis: Analysis of the influence of various random and systematic factors on the dimensional processing of the "cutter tooth" conjugated surfaces, the study of design and technological elements of rock-destructive equipment of cutter for the functionally oriented technology of creating three-cone drill bits. The following tasks are solved in this thesis : ? The influence of tension on the pressing force of carbide teeth is analyzed. ? A mathematical model of the process of assembling "сarbide cutter tooth " joints has been developed. ? The nature of the random distribution of tension values during pressing of the "cutter tooth" connection was established. ? Frequency distributions of the tension array in which the size errors of the constituent links of the dimensional chains are distributed according to laws similar to the normal law of distribution of random variables are received ? It was established that the values of tension have a greater influence on the force of pressing carbide teeth into the holes of chisel steel 14KHN3MA, when its hardness value is HRC 59-60 compared to HRC 48-50. ? The extreme nature of the dependence of the pressing force on the amount of tension for the connection "carbide cutter tooth" was established. ? The nature of the tention distribution in the conjugate sections of the "cutter tooth" joint is determined. In general, the established nature of tention distribution makes it possible to form a complex of design and technological problems, the ultimate goal of which is to reduce the amount of stress concentration in the "cutter tooth" connection, as well as in the body of the cutter. 4 The object of production and service purpose are characterized, compliance with the technical requirements to the service purpose of the "body" type part is analyzed in the technological part. The part is made of AK12M2 alloy, the weight of the workpiece is 0.9 kg, the weight of the part is 0.55 kg. production program - 9,000 units, type of production - large series. According to the results of quantitative and qualitative assessment, the design of the part is not symmetrical, the shape of the formations and their location do not allow processing these holes for passage. There is free access of the tool to the processed surfaces; the part is rigid, the method of obtaining the workpiece is complicated. The detail is not technological. ? According to the results of the calculations of the method of obtaining the workpiece, we choose injection molding. ? Surface treatment methods are selected. ? Calculation substantiation of technological bases has been carried out. ? The optimal version of the technological process has been developed. ? Allowances and interoperational dimensions are established. ? A dimensional analysis of the technological process was carried out. ? The cutting modes are calculated and the main technological equipment is selected. ? Control, auxiliary and transport operations are established. ? In the design part, a rational layout scheme was developed, and a calculation was made for the accuracy of the clamping device for turning operation with CNC, and the clamping device for drilling and boring operations. Key words: three-сone drill bits, carbide teeth, tension values, pressing force