The role of light and form in creating a modern monochrome interior

Students Name: Poliukhovych Alina Oleksandrivna
Qualification Level: magister
Speciality: Design
Institute: Institute of Architecture and Design
Mode of Study: full
Academic Year: 2022-2023 н.р.
Language of Defence: ukrainian
Abstract: Many mistakenly believe that the concept of a monochrome interior carries a boring mood. However, this is not the case. Monochrome is not the absence of color at all, but the use of one color in all its tones, from white to the most saturated. The monochromatic palette has its roots in color theory and means more than just the choice of color, light and shadow play an important role here. Today, the monochrome interior is gaining great popularity due to its simplicity and conciseness, which is a sign of new artistic approaches to the design of interiors and equipment in the postmodern era. Light and shadow in the artistic design of residential interiors, namely in their monochrome solution, forms an artistic image that has a pronounced emotional character. In this study, the basic principles of using light and shadow in creating a modern monochrome residential interior were supplemented and formulated. Based on the collected information and analyzed sources, a design project was created, in which it was demonstrated that a properly selected monochrome and light solution, complemented by one dominant color accent, can ultimately create an interesting, fresh, unlike any other modern design. And monochromaticity is the latest concept that will work for many types of projects. Key words – light, shade, monochrome, emotional design, monochrome interior.