Stylistic features of development of bookstore visual identification

Students Name: Horbunova Iryna Yevhenivna
Qualification Level: master (ESP)
Speciality: Design
Institute: Institute of Architecture and Design
Mode of Study: full
Academic Year: 2019-2020 н.р.
Language of Defence: ukrainian
Abstract: Аnnotation In the master’s qualification work the principles and methods of development of stylistic features of visual identification of bookstores are considered, the origin and history of development, rise and fall of visual identification of bookstores are considered, means of designing of modern and past practices are investigated. The basic principles of creating a visual identification of festivals in particular - book festivals are revealed. The issue of aesthetic and artistic principles of festival organization, synthesis of traditional and modern means of project graphics in artistic formation is worked out. Definitely a comprehensive approach to the artistic solution of popularization of bookstores, by holding a book festival. The means of realization of development of design of objects in the recreational environment are formed.