Diplomas directory

Title Author Qualification Level Academic Year Speciality Institute
61 Temperature-responsive polymer “nanobrushes” for production of cosmetics Lishchynskyi Ostap Romanovych master (ESP) 2019-2020 Chemical Technology and Engineering ICCT
62 The Blogosphere in the Structure of Modern Strategic Communication: Theoretical and Applied Aspects Popadiuk Liliia Ihorivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 International Information IMFS
63 The design of the podium in the subject - space content of the presentation spaces of fashion collections Kurdybakha Olha Andriivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 Design IARD
64 The right to make decisions concerning one’s own body: problems of justification and balancing with competing interests Hutsaliuk Valeriia Vitaliivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 International Information IMFS
65 The semantics of Ukrainian embroidery in the intelligent Textiles: Recognition and interpretation images Skryhunets Sofiia Olehivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 Design IARD
66 Twitter-diplomacy as a Tool for Responding to International Crises and Conflicts Padalka Anastasiia-Mariia Serhiivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 International Information IMFS
67 Using of smart and VR technologies in shaping the interior design of entertainment facility Morhach Alina Volodymyrivna master (ESP) 2019-2020 Design IARD
68 Yaw rate control for electric vehicle with two-motor drive of front wheels Shevchuk Dmytro Serhiiovych master (ESP) 2019-2020 Electrical Energetics, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics IPEC
69 «On the role of documents in criminal proceedings and criminalistics» Rapavyi Viktor Mykhailovych magister 2020-2021 Law IJPS
70 "Current trends in the architecture design of noise-protected housing for the construction of urban highways (with the development of a project of apartment buildings on Kulparkivska-Sadova streets in Lviv)". Pivtorak Yuliia Valeriivna master (ESP) 2020-2021 Architecture and Town Planning IARD
71 "Current trends in the design of children’s art objects (with project development of the centre of creativity in Lviv)". Tkachuk Hanna Oleksandrivna master (ESP) 2020-2021 Architecture and Town Planning IARD
72 "The Grat Silk Road" and Its Role in Ensuring Eurasian Integration Kaushanska Uliana Volodymyrivna magister 2020-2021 International Relations IHSS
73 "The Russian Factor" in the Foreign Policy of the French Republic: The Genesis of Formation and the Current State Bespalikova Olha Olehivna magister 2020-2021 International Relations IHSS
74 "Trembita" sanatorium building сonstruction in the village of Mizhhirya, Zakarpattia region Palamarchuk Anatolii Anatoliiovych magister 2020-2021 Industrial and Civil Construction CEBS
75 (Development Strategy Formation at Private Enterprise “Monremo”) Diakiv Yuliia Oleksandrivna magister 2020-2021 Management of Organizations and Administration (by economic activities) IEM