Bridges and Transport Tunnels Bridges and Transport Tunnels
Qualification awarded: Master in Building and Civil Engineering
Entry year: 2021
Mode of study: full
Program duration: 1,5 years
Institute: Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Systems
Number of credits: 90 credits ECTS
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: NQF Level 7 (Second cycle of QF-EHEA / EQF Level 7)
Field(s) of study: Architecture and construction
Gained competence: - possession of sufficient knowledge in industries related to the disciplines of bridge and tunnel complexes, which allows to critically analyze the situation and identify key trends in the industry; - knowledge and understanding of scientific principles underlying the bridge construction and civil engineering, transport infrastructure, use of non-traditional and secondary materials in particular; - knowledge of the basics of professionally oriented disciplines of specialty 192 "Construction and Civil Engineering": engineering networks and structures, research in construction, intellectual property, economic evaluation of innovative technologies and design solutions in construction, economics and enterprise management; - deepening knowledge in the specialization "Bridges and transport tunnels": design of bridge structures, design of transport tunnels, design of production facilities, modern materials, structures and technologies; - knowledge of the basics of economics and project management in the field of design, construction and operation of BTT; - acquisition of adequate knowledge and understanding related to the specialization "Bridges and transport tunnels", the scale of which will be sufficient to successfully organize and conduct research in the design, construction and operation of BTT, to form and represent the results of professional activities; - apply the acquired knowledge and understanding using known methods to identify, formulate and solve problems of development of frame construction technologies.
- apply knowledge to solve typical problems of synthesis and analysis in technologies of construction and reconstruction of bridge structures; - systematically think and apply creative abilities to the formation of fundamentally new ideas in the design, construction and operation of BTT; - ability to conduct theoretical and experimental research, analysis of results and their implementation in the field of BTT; - calculate, design, study market trends, conduct marketing analysis, bring to market new products that are elements of bridge and tunnel transport complexes; - to search for information in various sources to solve problems of design, construction and operation of BTT; - to combine theory and practice, as well as to make decisions and develop a strategy to address the problems of modern technologies for the construction of bridges and tunnels, taking into account universal values, social, state and industrial interests; - carry out relevant research and apply research skills in the design, construction and operation of BTT; - critically evaluate the results of activities and reasonably defend the decisions made; - to use in practice knowledge, to apply methodical tools of knowledge in the field of services on design, construction and operation of BTT, to analyze the received results of researches in the context of the existing theories, to draw the corresponding conclusions.
- delivering information, ideas, problems, solutions and own experience in the field of professional activity to specialists and non-specialists; - ability to use a variety of methods, including modern information technology, for effective communication at the professional and social levels.
Programme director: Dean of Master`s degree, PhD, Assoc. prof. Pozniak Oksana
Access to further studies: Obtaining third (educational and scientific / educational and creative) level