Philosophy Philosophy
Qualification awarded: PhD in the field of «Humanities» in «Philosophy» specialty.
Entry year: 2022
Mode of study: full
Program duration: 4 years
Institute: Department of Doctoral and Post-graduate studies
Number of credits: 43 ECTS credits of the educational component of the educational and scientific program
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: NQF Level 8 (Third cycle of QF-EHEA / EQF Level 8)
Field(s) of study: Humanities
Qualification requirements and regulations, including graduation requirements: Full implementation of the educational component of the program (exams and tests).
Програмні результати навчання: Ability to solve complex specialized problems and practical problems during professional activity in philosophical sciences and to apply theories and methods of philosophy in conducting scientific research. Deep knowledge of modern research methods, understanding of the nature of science and methodological features of scientific knowledge. Ability to organize and conduct training sessions using traditional and innovative teaching methods for personal, professional and social development of the individual. Ability to produce new ideas, be creative, solve complex problems in the process of innovation, research and professional activities, commercialize original research. Ability to search, process and analyze information, apply skills of using information and communication technologies. Ability to think flexibly, which allows you to understand and solve problems and problems, while maintaining a critical attitude to established scientific concepts. Ability to solve tasks and make informed decisions, effectively plan and manage time, work independently and in a team, represent new ideas and projects in the chosen field. Ability to communicate, present and discuss scientific results in a foreign language orally and in writing, understanding foreign scientific texts. Application of the acquired knowledge and practical skills to solve specific problems in philosophy. Application of the acquired knowledge and practical skills to solve specific problems in philosophy. tools and strategies for diagnosing and analyzing the worldviews at the level that will allow employment in the specialty at the national and international levels.