Marketing Marketing
Qualification awarded: Doctor of Philosophy by Specialty of Marketing
Entry year: 2022
Mode of study: full
Program duration: 4 years, in which 2 years – study part
Institute: Department of Doctoral and Post-graduate studies
Number of credits: 43 ECTS credits
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: NQF Level 8 (Third cycle of QF-EHEA / EQF Level 8)
Field(s) of study: Management and Administration
Specific admission requirements: The program of professional entrance examinations for persons who have obtained a previous degree of higher education in other specialties provides for verification of the acquisition of competencies and learning outcomes defined by the standard of higher education in specialty 075 Marketing for the second (master's) level of higher education
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning: Nostrification is required if the previous level of education was obtained in another country. Nostrification is carried out by Lviv Polytechnic.
Qualification requirements and regulations, including graduation requirements: Full implementation of the individual curriculum and defense of the dissertation
Characteristics of the educational program: The educational and scientific program is based on fundamental postulates of marketing and the results of modern scientific research in the field of innovative development of marketing theory and practice. It is aimed at developing a theoretical, methodological and methodological and applied marketing base with an emphasis on the latest development trends of maketing, deepens the professional scientific worldview and provides the basis for research and further professional and scientific activities.
Програмні результати навчання: LR 01. Have advanced conceptual and methodological knowledge of marketing and related subject areas, as well as research skills sufficient to conduct scientific and applied research at the level of the latest world achievements in the relevant field, obtain new knowledge and/or implement innovations. LR 02. To develop and implement scientific and/or innovative projects that provide an opportunity to rethink existing and create new holistic knowledge and/or professional practice and to solve significant scientific and technological marketing problems taking into account social, economic and legal aspects. LR 03. Formulate and test hypotheses; use appropriate evidence to substantiate conclusions, in particular, the results of theoretical analysis, experimental studies and mathematical and/or computer modeling, available literature data. LR 04. Deeply understand and implement the general principles and methods of marketing science, as well as the methodology of scientific research, apply them in own research and in teaching activities. LR 05. To present and publish the results of independent, original scientific research that has scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance with due academic integrity, as well as demonstrate mastery of the methodology of teaching professionally oriented disciplines and to take the responsibility for teaching others. LR 06. Plan and carry out empirical and/or theoretical research on marketing and related interdisciplinary areas using modern tools and observing the norms of professional and academic ethics, critically analyze the results of one's own research and the results of other researchers in the context of the entire complex of modern knowledge regarding the problem under study. LR 07. Freely present and discuss with specialists and non-specialists research results, scientific and applied marketing problems in national and foreign languages, publish research results in scientific publications in leading international scientific publications. LR 08. Apply modern tools and technologies for searching, processing and analyzing information, in particular, methods of analyzing data of a large volume and/or complex structure, specialized databases and information systems. LR 09. To organize and carry out the educational process in the field of marketing, its scientific, educational-methodical and regulatory support. LR 10. Develop models of interaction of individual economic agents and mechanisms of influence on them LR 11. Adapt and apply in marketing the apparatus of scientific research of related specialties and fields of knowledge.
Academic mobility: Mobility is encouraged and recognized in accordance with the procedures of ECTS
Work placement(s): Pedagogical Workshop
Programme director: Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor Yevhen Krykavskyy