Works of Art Restoration from stone Works of Art Restoration from stone
Qualification awarded: Master in the field of restoration of art works
Entry year: 2020
Mode of study: full
Program duration: 2 years
Institute: Institute of Architecture and Design
Number of credits: 120 credits ECTS
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: NQF Level 7 (Second cycle of QF-EHEA / EQF Level 7)
Field(s) of study: Culture and arts
Gained competence: Knowledge: • basic theory, design norms, conservation methods of works of art; • historical, stylistic and architectural, plastic and artistic foundations of conservation works of art from stone; • the basic techniques of architectural and artistic design of works of art based on its purpose and conditions of use, requirements of monument protection legislation; • the relationship formal and financial work solution, its design , engineering features and operational qualities; • organization technology of stone works of art conservation, research and implementation stages of conservation documentation, restorer function as an organizer of conservation process; • technology development tasks for conservation, the content and source of pre-information, methods of its collection and analysis; • systems restoration-project and working documentation for the works of art of stone, the basic requirements for it.
Skills: • to apply of knowledge natural sciences in solving the problems of art and conservation; • pic out methods of collecting and processing predesign information in the conservation, interpret baseline information for conservation decisions, compose the conservation program; • use basic techniques of conservation of works of art in the interrelation of regulatory, technological and other requirements; • execute the project documents on the conservation and successively develop it in the course of conservation work; • apply the methods, techniques and technology conservation design, including computer modeling and composite design of works of art; • perform project documentation at all stages, including scientific conservation report.
• skill to analyze the pressing problems of today in the stone works of art conservation, evaluate the real possibilities of their solution by means of scientific research and application of advanced technologies; • ability to effective communication and cooperation with various specialists of conservation industry; • ability to form scientific worldview and skills to defend the substantiated conservation decisions; • ability to feel professional responsibility for accepted conservation solution; • ability to mastering of new knowledge, self-perfection.
Access to further studies: Obtaining third (educational and scientific / educational and creative) level