Food Technology Food Technology
Qualification awarded: Bachelor in food industry technologies
Entry year: 2022
Mode of study: full
Program duration: 4 years
Institute: Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies
Number of credits: 240 ECTS credits
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: NQF Level 6 (First cycle of QF-EHEA / EQF Level 6)
Field(s) of study: Production and Technologies
Програмні результати навчання: 1. Know and understand the basic concepts, theoretical and practical problems in the field of food technology. 2. Search and process scientific and technical information from various sources and use it to solve specific technical and technological problems. 3. Know the scientific basis of technological processes of food production and patterns of physico-chemical, biochemical and microbiological transformations of the main components of food raw materials during technological processing. 4. Know and understand the main factors influencing the synthesis and metabolism of food components and the role of nutrients in human nutrition. 5. Know and understand the principles of equipment layout and design of food production. 6. Know and understand the principles of management of technological processes of food production. 7. Know and understand the principles of developing new and improving existing food technologies. 8. Know the basics of economics and project management in food technology. 9. Show creative initiative and improve your professional level through continuing education and self-education. 10. Be able to apply information and communication technologies for information support of professional activity and conducting research of applied nature. 11. Organize, control and manage technological processes of food raw materials processing into food products, including with the use of technical means of automation and control systems. 12. Be able to develop or improve food technology of high nutritional value, taking into account global trends in the industry. 13. Be able to develop draft technical conditions and technological instructions for food products. 14. Implement food quality and safety management systems. 15. To determine the compliance of quality indicators of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products with regulatory requirements using modern methods of analysis (or control). 16. Be able to design new and modernize existing enterprises, shops, production sites using computer-aided design systems and software. 17. To choose modern equipment for technical equipment of new or reconstructed enterprises (shops), to know the principles of its work and rules of operation, to make hardware and technological schemes of food production of the designed assortment. 18. To increase production efficiency by introducing resource-saving and competitive technologies, to analyze the state and dynamics of demand for food products. 19. Simplement modern enterprise management systems. 20. Adhere to safety rules and take technical and organizational measures to organize safe working conditions during production activities. 21. Organize the process of waste disposal and ensure environmental cleanliness of production. 22. Carry out technological, technical, economic calculations in the development and introduction of food products to the consumer market, keep records. cost of material resources. 23. Show creative initiative and improve your professional level through continuing education and self-education. 24. Smprove work efficiency by combining independent and team work. 25. Be able to compile business documents in the state language. 26. Be able to communicate the results of activities to a professional audience and the general public in order to convey ideas, problems, solutions and personal experience in the field of food technology. 27. Carry out business communications in the professional sphere in Ukrainian and foreign languages. 28. Have basic skills in conducting theoretical and / or experimental research conducted individually and / or as part of a research team. 29. Have skills in organizing the work of individual production units of the enterprise and coordinating their activities. 30. Identify creative initiative on market transformation of the economy. 31. To form and defend one's own worldview and public position, to act socially responsibly and consciously. 32. Preserve and increase the achievements and values of society, lead a healthy lifestyle.
Programme director: Palianytsia Liubov Yaroslavivna, associated professor of department of organic products technology
Occupational profiles of graduates: Employment in the branch of the food technology with a possibility to hold the following positions: Foreman of Food Industry Production Department, Technologist of Food Industry Enterprises, Technician-Designer of Food Industry Enterprises, Laboratory Technician (chemical and physical research) for Enterprises of Food Industry.
Access to further studies: Obtaining the second (master's) level