Management of Organizations and Administration Management of Organizations and Administration
Qualification awarded: Master of Management
Entry year: 2021
Mode of study: full
Program duration: 1,5 years
Institute: Institute of Economics and Management
Number of credits: 90 ECTS credits
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: NQF Level 7 (Second cycle of QF-EHEA / EQF Level 7)
Field(s) of study: Management and Administration
Specific admission requirements: None
Qualification requirements and regulations, including graduation requirements: The full implementation of the training program, passing qualification exam, practical training on the theme of the master qualification work and defense of master qualification work
Characteristics of the educational program: Masters in the specialty “Management” acquire in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, abilities and skills in management, master the general principles of the methodology of scientific and professional activities, and acquire other competences necessary for constructive solutions of complex problems and effective implementation of tasks of innovative nature in their professional activities in the conditions of uncertainty. The educational and professional masters program in the specialty “Management and administration (by economic activities)” is based on the fundamental postulates and results of present-day research in the area of management and business administration, business economics, infrastructure of small and medium business, marketing management in small and medium business, tax management, forecasting economic processes, information systems and technology in the management of the organization, e-commerce, socionics, personnel management in e-business, supply management in e-business, technology of leadership in the organization, conflict management, HR – strategy of the enterprise, personnel motivation, knowledge and talent management. Masters in the specialty “Management of organization and administration (by economic activities)” receive a set of knowledge, abilities and skills sufficient to manage entities in the public and private sectors of the economy in management positions of companies and organizations of various organizational-and-legal forms and economic activities, business entities and their structural sub-divisions, a wide range of processes and operations in the area of management and administration, as well as in higher education establishments occupying positions of high school teachers.
Gained competence: - critically consider, choose and use the necessary scientific, methodical and analytical tools for management in unpredictable conditions; - to identify problems in the organization and justify the methods of solving them; - to design effective management systems of organizations; - substantiate and manage projects, generate business ideas; - plan the activities of the organization in strategic and tactical sections; - have the skills to make, substantiate and ensure the implementation of management decisions in unpredictable conditions, taking into account the requirements of current legislation, ethical considerations and social responsibility; - to organize and perform effective communications within the team, with representatives of various professional groups and in the international context; - use specialized software and information systems to solve organizational management problems.
- to be able to communicate in professional and scientific circles in national and foreign languages; - demonstrate leadership skills and ability to work in a team, interact with people, influence their behaviour to solve professional tasks; - to be able to delegate authority and management of the organization (subdivision); - to be able to plan and implement informational, methodical, material, financial and personnel support of the organization (unit); - make well-founded strategic marketing decisions, combine various economic and mathematical methods and models of planning, organizing and evaluating the enterprises and organizations economic activity effectiveness; - to develop strategic, tactical and operational plans for current activities, plans for providing resources of all kinds, business plans and monitor their implementation; - to combine various economic and mathematical methods and models of analyzing and assessing the economic activity risks, to make management decisions and to develop measures to reduce their impact on the enterprise efficiency.
- deliver information, ideas, problems, solutions, and personal experience in the area of professional activity to experts and non-experts; - ability to form the communicative strategy effectively.
Academic mobility: Mobility is encouraged and recognized in accordance with the procedures of ECTS
Work placement(s): Practical training on the theme of the master qualification work
Programme director: Director the educational program – Olga G. Melnyk, mobile: 0677917251, e-mail: Contact person – Lina V. Halas, mobile:0677227076, e-mail:
Occupational profiles of graduates: Jobs in sphere of management: -manufacturing, functional and other department managers; - managers of small businesses with no staff management; - managers of the enterprises, institutions, organizations and their units; - educators; - other specialists.
Access to further studies: Obtaining third (educational and scientific / educational and creative) level
Other program features: The program is implemented in Ukrainian and partly in English.