Marketing Marketing
Qualification awarded: Master in Marketing
Entry year: 2020
Mode of study: full
Program duration: 1,5 years
Institute: Institute of Economics and Management
Number of credits: 90 credits ECTS
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: NQF Level 7 (Second cycle of QF-EHEA / EQF Level 7)
Field(s) of study: Management and Administration
Specific admission requirements: None
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning: Provided that the previous level was obtained in another country, nostrification, which is carried out by Lviv Polytechnic, is required.
Qualification requirements and regulations, including graduation requirements: Full implementation of the educational program, defense of Master's qualification work
Characteristics of the educational program: The educational and professional program is based on well-known principles and results of modern scientific research in the field of marketing and focuses on research and practical activities that deepen the professional worldview and provide opportunities for further professional and scientific careers in higher education and research institutions, business-structures, government agencies and public organizations.
Gained competence: Know and be able to apply in practice modern principles, theories, methods and practical techniques of marketing. Understand the nature and features of the use of marketing tools in the marketing decision-making process. Know and understand the importance of social responsibility for decisions, adhere to moral and cultural values.
Ability to adapt and use new advances in the theory and practice of marketing to achieve specific goals and solve the problems of the market subject. To expand the effectiveness of marketing activities of market participants at different levels of government, to develop projects in the field of marketing and manage them. Be able to formulate and improve the marketing system of the market entity. Substantiating marketing decisions at the level of the market entity with the use of modern management principles, approaches, methods, techniques. To carry out diagnostics and strategic and operative management of marketing of back development and realization of marketing strategies, projects and programs. Manage the marketing activities of the market entity, as well as its divisions, groups and measurements, determine the categories and indicators of its evaluation. To form a marketing system of interaction, to build long-term mutually beneficial relations with other market participants. Use the methods of marketing strategic analysis and interpret its results in order to improve the marketing activities of the market entity. Plan and apply their own research in the field of marketing, analyze its results and justify the involvement of effective marketing solutions in conditions of uncertainty. Be able to develop a strategy and tactics of marketing activities, taking into account the cross-functional nature of its implementation. Be able to present and discuss the results of scientific and applied research, marketing projects that affect a foreign language. Collect the necessary information from various sources, process and analyze their results using modern methods and specialized software. Apply methods of interpersonal communication in the field of solving collective problems, constant negotiations, scientific discussions in the field of marketing.
Clear and unambiguous communication of one's own conclusions, as well as the knowledge and explanations that substantiate them, to specialists and non-specialists, in particular, to students. Use of foreign languages in professional activities.
Academic mobility: None, but mobility is encouraged and recognized according to ECTS procedures.
Work placement(s): Practice on the topic of Master's qualification work.
Programme director: PhD, Assoc. Prof. Kosar Nataliia
Occupational profiles of graduates: Jobs in the private and public sectors, in various sectors of the economy in senior positions in domestic and international marketing, management of marketing departments, a wide range of processes and operations in the provision of marketing services, as well as in higher education institutions as teachers, researchers.
Access to further studies: Obtaining third (educational and scientific / educational and creative) level
Other program features: None