Social work Social work
Qualification awarded: Bachelor in social work
Entry year: 2022
Mode of study: full
Program duration: 4 years
Institute: Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Number of credits: 240 ECТS credits
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: NQF Level 6 (First cycle of QF-EHEA / EQF Level 6)
Field(s) of study: Social work
Specific admission requirements: None, enrollment is made under general conditions of entry
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning: In case when the previous level is obtained in another country nostrification is required, held by Lviv Polytechnic.
Qualification requirements and regulations, including graduation requirements: The full implementation of curriculum and defending Bachelor's qualification thesis
Characteristics of the educational program: The training of a Bachelor in "Social work" specialty is carried out in the "university - community" system and combines special professional theory with professional activities based on social work values with an emphasis on research, the use of modern achievements of social sciences and humanities, mainly social work; has expressed socio-political, economic and socio-informational components. The focus of the educational program is the formation of coherent sound (based on a holistic approach) personality of generalist social work practice ready for professional activity at all levels of practice, creative solution of various social problems and meeting the needs of clients on the basis of the results of scientific research and evidence of social work practice, promoting social development; capable of self-development, self-actualization, orienting to further professional self-education, study at Master's educational level
Програмні результати навчання: the ability to predict the course of various social processes. • ability to identify, socially inspect, and assess the needs of vulnerable groups of citizens, including those who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. • ability to cooperate in the international environment and recognize intercultural problems in professional practice. • ability to apply modern experimental methods of working with social objects in the field and laboratory. • the ability to develop ways to overcome social problems and find effective methods to solve them. • ability to provide assistance and support to customers from taking into account their individual needs, age differences, gender, ethnic and other characteristics. • the ability to initiate social change aimed at raising social welfare. • ability to develop and implement social projects and programs. • ability to apply management methods to organize their own professional activities and manage the activities of social workers and volunteers, other staff. • ability to interact with clients, representatives of various professional groups, and communities. • ability to adhere to ethical principles and standards of social work. • ability to identify and engage the resources of social work partner organizations to perform professional tasks. • ability to generate new ideas and creativity in the professional sphere. • ability to evaluate the results and quality of professional activity in the field of social work. • ability to promote the well-being and social protection of individuals, provide social assistance and provide support to those in difficult life circumstances.
Academic mobility: None, but mobility is encouraged and recognized in accordance with ECTS procedures
Work placement(s): The program provides 18 ECTS credits of practice, including 3 credits of introductory training, 7.5 credits of field training 7.5 credits of field training according to the topic of bachelor qualification work and 16 credits in social work practicum (Part 1, Part 2)
Programme director: Program guarantor - Proskura Volodymyr Vyacheslavovych., PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor (Docent) in the Department of Sociology and Social Work. Tel .: (032) 258-27-10, Website:
Occupational profiles of graduates: Governance Professional profile - adviser in the office of government, the executive committee (assistant-consultant of a deputy of Ukraine, adviser in the institutions of government). Professional profile - specialist of civil service (specialist, 1st category specialist, 2nd category specialist - in the departments, the Department for Family and Youth, Centres for Social Services for Chilren and Youth, departments and divisions of criminal executive inspection of State Penitentiary Service). Social Service Adinistration Professional profile - specialist in social services (specialist of social care services, specialist in the organization of residential institutions of social care, specialist in employment and household arrangement for disabled, specialist in the reception of citizens) Activities in the field of justice Professional profile - head office (Head of the socio-psychologicalservices of correctional (educational) colony) Professional profile - inspector (inspector of department / group for social and psychological work with inmates, inspector of criminal executive inspection in regional and district offices, senior inspector on preparation for release, inspector of social and psychological work with inmates, Inspector on work with minors in prisons / correctional facilities, detention centers). Professional profile - educator in corrective and labor institution (senior teacher, senior teacher in orphanage, orphanage educator, methodist - in educational and correctional facilities) Health care and social assistance Professional profile - a specialist in social work, social worker in psychiatric hospitals and substance abuse hospitals, hospices, centers (offices) for prevention and control of HIV / AIDS. Professional profile - a specialist in social work in night shelter, re-socialization center for drug addicted youth (social assistance with providing accommodation). Professional Profile - social worker (in the home for the elderly and disabled, orphanage, night shelter, the center of the reintegration of homeless people). Professional profile - a specialist in social work (mixed type rehabilitation institutions for the disabled and their children, in centers for homeless people, in the centers for HIV-infected children and youth; social work specialist for working with families, children and youth in specialized units of Centres of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth) Charity work Professional profile - a manager of projects and programs in non-material production (a specialist in project and program in non-material production, an expert in social work, a project manager and project assistant in charities). Activities of NGOs Professional profile - manager in the social sphere (public events organizer) Activities of trade unions Professional profile - organizer of social services; in trade union organizations in enterprises.
Access to further studies: Obtaining the second (master's) level
Other program features: Scientific and methodical cooperation with leading home (Kyiv National Pedagogical University named after M. Dragomanov, National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Academy of Labour and Social Relations of Trade Unions of Ukraine (Kyiv) and foreign research institutions and universities (University of Manitoba (Canada), Erfurt University of Applied Sciences (Germany), University of Wurzburg, Curtin University (Australia). This creates the possibility of applying progressive teaching experience in practice, mutual visits of students studying abroad, according to signed agreements on cooperation.