Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology
Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology
Entry year: 2021
Mode of study: full
Program duration: 4 years
Institute: Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport
Number of credits: 240
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: NQF Level 6 (First cycle of QF-EHEA / EQF Level 6)
Field(s) of study: Production and Technologies
Specific admission requirements: no
Qualification requirements and regulations, including graduation requirements: Complete implementation of the curriculum and defense of bachelor qualification.
Characteristics of the educational program: Object of study: technologies and equipment Drilling of wells, extraction, transportation and storage of oil and gas. Objectives of training: Formation of higher education of competencies necessary for solving complex specialized tasks of designing and applying techniques and technologies of drilling wells, extraction, transportation and gas and gas storage. The theoretical content of the subject region: Theoretical foundations of oil and gas technologies associated with the drilling of wells, extraction, transportation and storage of oil and gas. Methods, methods and technologies: methods of physical and mathematical modelling; Technologies of drilling wells, extraction, transportation and storage of oil and gas Tools & Equipment: Oil and gas equipment, equipment, machinery, control and measuring devices required for technological processes Drilling of wells, mining, transportation and storage of oil and gas.
Gained competence: 1. To know and understand the concept, regularities and features of the development of civil society, human rights and freedoms and citizens in Ukraine, as well as ethical and legal principles of professional activity. 2. Know the theories, principles, methods and concepts of oil and gas engineering, understand the current state and role of the oil and gas industry in ensuring the energy security of Ukraine. 3. To analyze and develop elements of technological schemes and technical devices of drilling systems of wells, extraction, transportation and storage of oil and gas. 4. Analyze geological processes, basic laws of formation and properties of rocks, including oil and gas deposits. 5. To predict and analyze the Physico-chemical properties of oil and gas in the processes of their extraction, transportation and storage. 6. Calculate the parameters of hydro gas-dynamic processes that accompany the movement of oil and gas and technological fluids in reservoir/wells / industrial and main pipelines using the laws of thermodynamics, hydraulics and gas dynamics and modern methods of relevant calculations. 7. Make calculations of technological parameters of oil and gas wells, oil and gas preparation systems, industrial and main gas pipelines, gas oils with the use of relevant mathematical and engineering methods.
1. Ability to analyze and evaluate the phenomenon of political development of Ukrainian society in the context of world history. 2. Ability to correctly use language resources depending on the scope and goal of communication, to form business documentation. 3. Perform evaluation, interpretation of output data, use the basic provisions of interchangeability, standardization and technical measurements for the synthesis of new products, equipment and technological processes of the oil and gas complex. 4. Ability to organize measurements of physical, electrical, magnetic and other variables, and to evaluate their accuracy in the control of quality and certification of equipment. 5. Ability to apply the provisions of interchangeability, standardization and technical measurements for new products, equipment and technological processes, etc. 6. Ability to work on modern computer technology and use specialized software for automated designing and performing special settlements in oil and gas engineering and technologies. 7. Ability to develop a design and relevant technical documentation with compliance with the requirements of normative documents using modern applications. 8. Ability to develop and synthesize structural and principled, as well as create settlement schemes of equipment, arranging and designing the components of nodes, aggregates, mechanisms, machines from individual parts and products. 9. Ability prepared and substantiated to select and use technological equipment of objects of oil and gas complex. 10. Ability to calculate when developing structures of elements and nodes, taking into account progressive technological processes. 11. Ability to perform separate elements of projects at the stage of the sketch, technical and working design of oil and gas technologies and engineering 12. Ability to adhere to the rules of occupational safety and safety in professional and professional directions. 13. Ability to analyze and form requirements for pipeline materials and cover pipeline systems. To perform the choice of optimal quality control methods and coating. 14. The ability to determine the technical requirements for the products of the oil and gas complex based on functional requirements, the requirements for their quality, to choose methods for their obtaining, to design technological equipment, the technology of processing and assembly. 15. Ability to develop and compile following the specified requirements of typical design, technological and working documents of main pipelines. 16. Ability to choose rational technological processes of manufacturing products at enterprises of oil and gas complex, tools, equipment, equipment.
1. Ability to communicate, including oral and written communication, in Ukrainian and one of the foreign languages (English, German, French); 2. Ability to use a variety of methods, in particular, oil and gas technologies and engineering for communication at a professional and social level. 3. Skills of verbal and written presentation of practical developments in the direction of oil and gas technologies and engineering.
Academic mobility: Ability to continue training on the educational program of the second (master's) level of higher education and acquire additional qualifications in the adult education system.
Work placement(s): Production sectoral practice. Practice on bachelor's qualification work.
Programme director: Maksymovych O.V.
Occupational profiles of graduates: Workplaces in the state and private sectors of the economy in various spheres of activity, in particular: a fuel energy segment, which includes pipeline transport and hydrocarbon storage and research centres. At the same time, the graduate can claim such positions: - when implementing production and technological activity: junior engineering positions (specialist - executor); - in the implementation of organizational and managerial activity: a specialist in the management of the primary team (construction and mounting brigade, etc.); master; - in the implementation of experimental research activities: specialist-executor by definition of parameters of organizational technological schemes for the construction and repair of gas-oil pipelines and gas-oils, on the implementation of experimental works (junior engineering positions); - When implementing project activity: a specialist in collecting materials, documentation for designing, designing design results (junior engineering positions). Performance of professional activity: production and technological; organizational and managerial; design; operational; service; Research in oil and gas technologies and engineering in industrial construction and installation organizations, service companies, research and project organizations, etc.
Access to further studies: Obtaining the second (master's) level
Other program features: no