Environmental information systems Environmental information systems
Qualification awarded: Bachelor in environmental protection technology
Entry year: 2022
Mode of study: full
Program duration: 4 Years
Institute: Viacheslav Chornovil Institute of Sustainable Development
Number of credits: 240 credits
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: NQF Level 6 (First cycle of QF-EHEA / EQF Level 6)
Field(s) of study: Production and Technologies
Characteristics of the educational program: The educational and professional program is based on well-known principles and results of modern scientific research on the basics of ecology, technologies for atmospheric protection, hydrosphere and lithosphere, environmental information systems, technologies for restoration of disturbed landscapes, reclamation and bioremediation of natural and technological ecosystems. state of the environment, bases of ecological risk and standardization of anthropogenic load on the environment and focuses on current specializations, within which further professional and scientific career is possible.
Програмні результати навчання: PR04. Substantiate environmental technologies based on understanding the mechanisms of human impact on the environment and the processes occurring in it. PR05. Be able to develop projects for environmental activities and manage complex actions for their implementation. PR06. Substantiate and apply natural and artificial systems and processes in based on environmental technologies in accordance with the environmental imperative and concept of sustainable development. PR07. Implement scientifically sound technical, technological and organizational measures to prevent environmental pollution. PR08. Be able to demonstrate skills in selecting, planning, designing and calculating the parameters of certain types of equipment, techniques and technologies of environmental protection, using knowledge of physical and chemical properties of pollutants, process parameters and environmental indicators. PR09. Be able to conduct observations, instrumental and laboratory quality control of the environment, to carry out internal control over the operation of environmental equipment at industrial facilities and enterprises on the basis of acquired knowledge of the latest measurement methods and modern measuring equipment and apparatus using regulatory and technical documentation. PR10. Be able to apply knowledge of control and assessment of pollution and industrial emissions, analysis of the dynamics of their change depending on the conditions and technologies of cleaning components of the environment. PR11. Be able to apply knowledge on the selection and justification of methods and technologies for collection, sorting, storage, transportation, disposal, disposal and processing of production and consumption waste; assess their impact on the quality of environmental objects and living conditions and human safety. PR12. Choose engineering methods of environmental protection, search for the latest technical, technological and organizational solutions aimed at implementing in the production of promising environmental developments and modern equipment, analyze ways to improve existing environmental and renewable technologies for environmental safety. PR13. Be able to apply the basic laws of safe, resource-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies in the management of environmental activities, including through environmental management systems in accordance with international standards. PR14. Be able to justify the degree of compliance of existing or projected environmental conditions with the objectives of protection, preservation and restoration of the environment.
Academic mobility: Based on bilateral agreements between Lviv Polytechnic National University and technical universities of Ukraine.
Programme director: Mokrij V.I.(volodymyr.i.mokriy@lpnu.ua), +380964268173
Access to further studies: Obtaining the second (master's) level
Other program features: Integration of environmental information systems in environmental technologies. The program develops promising areas of different types of resources and their inherent production processes that can predict and prevent anthropogenic pressure on the environment in integrated technological cycles.