Micro- and Nano-System Engineering Micro- and Nano-System Engineering
Qualification awarded: Master in Місго- and Nаnоsystem Technology
Entry year: 2020
Mode of study: full
Program duration: 1 year 9 months
Institute: Institute of Telecommunications, Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering
Number of credits: 120 ECTS credits
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: NQF Level 7 (Second cycle of QF-EHEA / EQF Level 7)
Field(s) of study: Automation and instrumentation
Specific admission requirements: Absent
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning: Provided that the previous level obtained in another country the nostrification is required, which is held by Lviv Polytechnic. There are not mechanism of recognition of non-formal education.
Qualification requirements and regulations, including graduation requirements: The full implementation of the educational program. Certification of the Graduate in speciality 153 Місго- and nаnо-system technology is conducted in the form of defence of master's qualification work and is finished by diploma delivering and conferment the academic qualification: Master in Місго- and nаnоsystem technology and professional qualification «Master of Research in Місго- and nаnоsystem technology» Certification is carried out openly and publicly.
Characteristics of the educational program: Education research program is based on the known principles and the state-of the-art scientifice and research results in Місго- and nаnоsystem technology, nano-electronics and photonics, and orients on actual specialization, within which the further professional and scientific career is possible: for scientific, engineering and management positions in the industrial, R&D and educational institutions and perform functions related to the development, design, research, production and testing of micro- and nanosystems for various purposes and their components, teaching courses in the speciality in educational institutions as well as continuation of study under education research programs of the third level.
Gained competence: 1. Knowledge and understanding of the basic physical processes and phenomena in semiconductors, dielectrics, magnetic, superconducting and other materials that determine operating principles of devices of micro- and nanosystem technology and related engineering branches; 2. Knowledge and understanding of properties of main materials and devices’ structures of micro- and nanoelectronic technology, as well as of methods of their manufacturing and controlling of their properties; 3. Knowledge and skills in planning and fulfilment of experiments, methodology and organization of R&D works fulfilment, data acquisition, their processing, analysis, formation of conclusions and presentation of results; 4. Understanding impact of engineering solutions in a public, economic, social and environmental context.
1. Apply knowledge and understanding to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems in specialty us0ing known methods; 2. Evaluate, design, explore, exploit, debug instruments and devices of micro- and nanosystem technology; 3. Search for information and analyse it from various sources to solve the problems of the specialty; 4. Implement relevant theoretical and experimental investigation, apply research skills in professional activities; 5. Investigate the problem and determine limitation on its solving; 6. Think systemic and apply creativity to produce fundamentally new ideas, to look for solutions of tasks while methods for their solution are unknown; 7. Adapt to new situations and make decisions under uncertainty.
1. Evaluate technical information in the field of own professional activities and formulate judgments about it; 2. Evaluating the activity results, substantiate own conclusions and defend chosen decisions; 3. Preparing professional and scientific texts: summaries, abstracts, reports, analytical reviews, articles, project proposals; 4. Ability to communicate at different levels of communication, including oral and written communication in Ukrainian and one of foreign languages, in particular to clarify posed tasks, formulate estimation of possibilities of their completion, ask questions and give comments as well as report about done job, prepare and do public report/presentation etc.
Academic mobility: No, but mobility is encouraged and is recognized in accordance with ECTS procedures.
Work placement(s): An important aspect of preparation of specialists on micro- and nanosystem technology is an educational and research practice that take place in laboratories of R&D Center "Crystal" (Lviv Polytechnic National University), departments of Scientific Research Company "Electron-Carat", Lviv, other institutions of R&D profile.
Programme director: Prof. Dr.Sci. Druzhinin Anatolii Olexandrovich +380973844890 druzh@polynet.lviv.ua
Occupational profiles of graduates: Job place in the field of research, development and operation in micro- and nanosystem technology: Performs the problem of research in physics and technology of materials and devices of the micro- and nanosystem technology. Conducts physical and mathematical modelling of phenomena, processes, devices and systems. Conducts basic and applied research in the field. Analyses results of the research and develops recommendations for their putting into practice. Performs operational control parameters for compliance with all processes and operation of process equipment and modes of work. Organizes works on maintenance, repair, and operation of technological equipment and testing instrumentation. Performs planning and leadership in development of specific parts or certain types of work. Develops proposals on the main directions of the project, its feasibility substantiation
Access to further studies: Obtaining third (educational and scientific / educational and creative) level