Information Technologies in the Scientific Researches

Major: Building and Civil Engineering
Code of subject: 7.192.04.O.059
Credits: 3.50
Department: Building Production
Lecturer: Ph.D., assoc. prof. Taras Markiv
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • Deepening of knowledge of specialization "Technologies of building structures, products and materials": innovative technologies of manufacturing of modern building materials and products; technology of concrete and reinforced concrete structures; technology of wall, finishing and insulating materials; preparation and renewal of production of building structures, products and materials. • Knowledge and understanding of methodologies for compiling basic, functional, assembly, structural schemes, technological regulations, assembly drawings, technical descriptions, operating instructions, etc. • To apply the acquired knowledge and understanding to identify, formulate and solve problems of development of building structures` technologies, products and materials, using known methods • To apply knowledge to solve characteristic problems of synthesis and analysis in technologies of building structures, products and materials. • An ability to carry out the task of research, theoretical and experimental research, analysis of results and their implementation. • Combine theory and practice, as well as make decisions and develop a strategy for solving the problems of the industry, taking into account universal values, social, state and industrial interests. • To carry out relevant research and apply research skills in the field of creating new building structures, products and materials. • To use knowledge in practice, to apply methodical tools of cognition, to analyze the received results of researches in the context of the existing theories, to draw the corresponding conclusions. • Communicating information, ideas, problems, solutions and personal experience in the field of professional activity to specialists and non-specialists. • An ability to use a variety of methods, including modern information technology, for effective communication at the professional and social levels. • An ability to adapt to new situations and make appropriate decisions. • An ability to treat the work responsibly, to make decisions independently, to achieve the set goal in compliance with the requirements of professional ethics.
Required prior and related subjects: • Innovative manufacturing technologies of modern building materials and products • Concrete and building mortar, aggregates for concrete, Part 2 • Binding materials • Technological support for the manufacture of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures • Scientific research in construction
Summary of the subject: The use of MS Excel Spreadsheets in research. System of engineering graphics. Work with Microsoft Access Database Management System. Work in a local computer network of the organization. The use of Internet (worldwide computer network). The use of information technologies in scientific analysis.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control: written reports on laboratory work, oral examination (40 points) Final control: exam (written component - 50 points, oral component - 10 points)
Recommended books: 1. Інженерна і комп’ютерна графіка : навчальний посібник / В. Є. Климнюк. – Х. : Вид. ХНЕУ, 2013. – 92 с. 2. Access для Windows. BHV, Київ, 1997. – 480 с. 3. Вознесенский В.А. Современные методы оптимизации композиционных материалов. - К.: Будівельник, 1983. - 114 с. 4. Коваль С.В. Моделирование и оптимизация состава и свойств модифицированых бетонов: монография / С.В.Коваль. – Одесса:Астропринт, 2012. – 424 с.