Сost Estimating and Value Engineering in Construction

Major: Building and Civil Engineering
Code of subject: 7.192.04.E.063
Credits: 3.00
Department: Business Economics and Investment
Lecturer: Ph.D., assoc. prof. Volodymyr Melnyk
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • know the key concepts and understand the methodology for evaluating the value of real estate and construction and design work in accordance with the concept of the life cycle of the object; • . have knowledge of standardization and regulation in determining the value of construction objects, construction projects and works; • . be able to analyze and evaluate the impact of design, organizational and technological decisions on the formation of construction costs, to formulate evaluation criteria and to create models of the value of construction objects at all stages of its life cycle; • . acquire knowledge of modern information technology capabilities, acquire the skills to develop and adjust elementary resource estimates and formulate estimates using current software; • . to acquire skills in estimation of innovative technologies of execution and organization of construction and assembly works taking into account resource-elemental approach, development of norms and standards of organizations, use of software products, optimization of multicriteria design and technological-organizational decisions
Required prior and related subjects: • Construction economics • Rationing and managing the resources of construction companies • Construction technology and organization Еconomy of building
Summary of the subject: . The concept of cost of construction and cost of life of the object. Cost and value of the construction object. Subjects of assessment. Life cycle of a construction object, costs at each stage of the life cycle. The concept of investor estimates and contract prices in construction. Regulatory data. Features of calculating direct costs and determining the costs of individual components of construction costs at the stage of design, bidding and execution of works. Formation of contract prices. Development of resource elementary estimates for the execution of works Impact of design solutions and innovative technologies on the cost of construction. The influence of architectural, planning, design, technological, organizational decisions on the formation of costs at different stages of the life cycle of the object. Evaluation of design solutions in the field of construction materials and products. Assessment of design decisions in changing technology and organization of construction works. Consideration of changes in consumer characteristics, time factor and operating costs. The use of information technology in the construction of multi-criteria models of construction costs. AVK and AC-4 software complexes in determining the cost of construction. Revit. Integration of price bases, possibilities of taking into account replacement of resources, technologies and methods of production, optimization of calendar schedules of construction
Assessment methods and criteria: • fulfillment individual work , oral examination (75%) • final control (75% control measure, exam), written and oral form (75%)
Recommended books: DSTU B D.1.1-1:2013 Pravyla vyznachennya vartosti budivnytstva (nakaz Ministerstva rehional?noho rozvytku, budivnytstva ta zhytlovo-komunal?noho hospodarstva Ukrayiny vid 05.07.2013 № 293, chynnyy z 2014-01. 2. DSTU-N B D.1.1-2:2013. Nastanova shchodo vyznachennya pryamykh vytrat u vartosti budivnytstva. Kyyiv. Minrehion Ukrayiny . 2013 3. DSTU BD.1.1-7:2013 Pravyla vyznachennya vartosti proektno-vyshukuval?nykh robit ta ekspertyzy proektnoyi dokumentatsiyi na budivnytstvo Informatsiyni resursyAVK-5 AS- 4; Revit