Major: Hydrotechnical Construction, Water Engineering and Water Technologies
Code of subject: 6.194.00.O.023
Credits: 3.00
Department: Philosophy
Lecturer: Dr., Prof. Svitlana Povtoreva
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Learning outcomes Knowledge • socio-historical purpose of philosophy and features of the construction of worldview knowledge; • the main periods of development of European and Ukrainian philosophy, time and preconditions for the emergence of philosophical paradigms; • initial ideas of prominent representatives of European and Ukrainian philosophy and their significance; • main problems of modern philosophy • the meaning of basic philosophical terms. Skills: • compare and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of certain philosophical positions; • compare partially scientific and philosophical visions of certain problems; • qualitatively process selected passages of philosophical sources; • be able to analyze the problems of life using philosophical concepts and categories; • to form one's own philosophical position on worldview issues; • to formulate the tasks for resolving the problem sutiations in professional and academic activities. qualitatively process selected passages of philosophical sources. acquisition of new professional knowledge) Teaching and learning methods Lectures, practical classes - information-receptive method, reproductive method, heuristic method, method of problem statement, case - method, home work - reproductive method, research method Lectures and practical classes: information-receptive method; reproductive method; heuristic method; case method. Home work: reproductive and research methods Methods for assessing the level of achievement of learning outcomes Current control - oral and face-to-face interviews, writing individual works, testing Current and examination control. Assessment methods: oral answers; speeches at seminars, tests. Exam - test control and oral examination.
Required prior and related subjects: History of Statehood and Culture of Ukraine. Sociology
Summary of the subject: Philosophy as intellectual form of a human activity, Ancient Philosophy (India, China, Greece), Medieval Philosophy and Philosophy of the Renaissance, Philosophy of Modern Times, German Classical Philosophy, the Transition from Classical to Non-Classical Philosophy, Philosophy of XX –XXI centuries, Ukrainian Philosophy, The Problem of Being in Philosophy, Consciousness as Philosophical Problem, Cognition and Knowledge: Their Structure and Dynamics, A Human Being as the Subject of Philosophical Reflection, Philosophy of History, Social Philosophy, The Philosophical Issues of Contemporary Culture and Civilization.
Assessment methods and criteria: - Current control (40%): oral examination, tests, reports. - Final control (60%): exam
Recommended books: 1. Petrushenko V.L. Filosofiia: Kurs lektsii. Navchalnyi posibnyk dlia studentiv vyshchykh navch. zakladiv osvity III – IV rivniv akredytatsii. – Lviv, 2008. 2. Husiev V.I. Zakhidna filosofiia Novoho chasu. XVII-XVIII st. – K., 2000. 3. Horskyi V.S. Istoriia ukrainskoi filosofii. – K., 2001. 4. Karivets I. V. Aktualni problemy filosofii KhKh–KhKhI stolit: navchalnyi posibnyk / I. V. Karivets, S. M. Povtoreva, V. L. Petrushenko, O. V. Pankiv, O. V. Onyshchuk, O. I. Stebelska, M. V. Sinelnikova, O. Yu. Chursinova, M. P. Skaletskyi, O. I. Ferents. – Lviv: Vydavnytstvo Lvivskoi politekhniky, 2021. – 240 6. Fiurst M., Trynks Yu. Filosofiia. Per. z nim. Vakhtanga Kebuladze. Kyiv: DUKh I LITERA, Instytut relihiinykh nauk sv. Tomy Akvinskoho, 2018. - 544 s. 7. Praktykumu z filosofii: Metodychnyi posibnyk dlia vykladachiv ta studentiv VNZ. Pid redaktsiieiu V.L.Petrushenka. Lviv: «Novyi svit-2000», «Mahnoliia plius» 2003.