Hydraulic Machines

Major: Hydrotechnical Construction, Water Engineering and Water Technologies
Code of subject: 6.194.00.O.033
Credits: 3.50
Department: Department of Hydraulic and Water Engineering
Lecturer: Assoc. Prof., PhD Orest Verbovskyi
Semester: 5 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: PH1. Formulate tasks for solving problem situations in professional and / or academic activities. PH8. Solve qualitative and quantitative tasks on water extraction, preparation and distribution, wastewater treatment and drainage.
Required prior and related subjects: -Physics; -Theoretical mechanics; -Technical mechanics of liquids and gases; -Water engineering; -Water technologies; -Pumping stations; -Water intake structures; -Water supply networks and structures;
Summary of the subject: Classification settings. Movement of fluid in the impeller centrifugal supercharger. The basic equation of dynamic supercharger. Valid pressure pump and pressure fan. Characteristics of superchargers. Similarity dynamic superchargers. Pressure setting and characterization teamwork supercharger network. Adjusting feed pump installation. The joint work of several pumps. The stability of a supercharger. Cavitation and suction pump. Types of pumps and fans. Choosing a supercharger. Types and basic parameters of compressors.
Assessment methods and criteria: • current control (30%); • final control (exam): written-oral form (70%)
Recommended books: 1. Mandrus V.I. Hidravlichni ta aerodynamichni mashyny. – Lviv: Mahnoliia plius, 2005. – 340 s. 2. Sribniuk S.M. Hidravlichni ta aerodynamichni mashyny. Osnovy teorii i zastosuvannia: Navchalnyi posibnyk. – Kyiv: Tsentr navchalnoi literatury, 2004. – 328 s. 3. Herasymov H.H. Hidravlichni ta aerodynamichni mashyny: Pidruchnyk. – Rivne: NUVHP, 2008. – 241 s.