Small Hydropower

Major: Hydrotechnical Construction, Water Engineering and Water Technologies
Code of subject: 6.194.01.E.055
Credits: 4.00
Department: Department of Hydraulic and Water Engineering
Lecturer: Assoc. Prof., PhD Іgor Popadiuk
Semester: 6 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: is the formation of knowledge of future bachelors in the field of the current state of hydropower, in particular on the energy potential and energy use of small rivers, conducting hydropower calculations when determining the parameters of small hydropower plants, the composition and layout of structures, the selection of main and auxiliary hydropower equipment, the peculiarities of the operation of small hydropower plants during the operation of small hydropower plants on the power grid.
Завдання: FCS1.1. Ability to be part of a project team design water management networks and structures.
Learning outcomes: PH1.1. Demonstrate knowledge of the composition, requirements and methods of implementation of project documentation of water management networks and structures.
Required prior and related subjects: "Engineering hydrology" "Engineering hydraulics" "Technical mechanics of liquids and gases" "Hydraulic and aerodynamic machines"
Summary of the subject: The use of energy from renewable sources is currently one of the priority areas of development of the world energy industry. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the development and use of small hydropower plants. In most countries, they are built on a new, more advanced technical basis, connected, in particular, with full automation of their work and remote control. An important element for the further development of hydropower is the training of highly qualified specialists. As a result of studying the discipline, students have the opportunity to develop competences in hydropower potential calculations, the choice of hydraulic equipment for the use of water energy, and the management of the process of converting hydropower into electrical energy at hydroelectric power stations
Опис: Classification of small hydropower plants. Terminology. List of regulatory documents for the design and operation of small hydroelectric power stations. Assessment and current state of hydropower resources of small rivers in the regions of Ukraine and world experience in their use. Pressure creation schemes. Composition and arrangement of structures of hydraulic units on small drains. Hydrotechnical structures of small hydropower plants. Head in the aggregate unit of the HPP. Designing the diversion channel of the HPP. Calculation of the throughput capacity of pressure spillways. Calculation of the main parameters of pumping units. Main and auxiliary equipment of small HPPs.
Assessment methods and criteria: Methods of monitoring the results of student learning in the process of ongoing monitoring: - assessment of students' work during practical classes; - performance of test tasks in the Virtual Learning Environment of NU LP;
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: • current oral examination (30%) • final control (exam): written-oral form (70%)
Порядок та критерії виставляння балів та оцінок: 100–88 points – (“excellent”) is awarded for a high level of knowledge (some inaccuracies are allowed) of the educational material of the component contained in the main and additional recommended literary sources, the ability to analyze the phenomena being studied in their interrelationship and development, clearly, succinctly, logically, consistently answer the questions, the ability to apply theoretical provisions when solving practical problems; 87–71 points – (“good”) is awarded for a generally correct understanding of the educational material of the component, including calculations, reasoned answers to the questions posed, which, however, contain certain (insignificant) shortcomings, for the ability to apply theoretical provisions when solving practical tasks; 70 – 50 points – (“satisfactory”) awarded for weak knowledge of the component’s educational material, inaccurate or poorly reasoned answers, with a violation of the sequence of presentation, for weak application of theoretical provisions when solving practical problems; 49-26 points - ("not certified" with the possibility of retaking the semester control) is awarded for ignorance of a significant part of the educational material of the component, significant errors in answering questions, inability to apply theoretical provisions when solving practical problems; 25-00 points - ("unsatisfactory" with mandatory re-study) is awarded for ignorance of a significant part of the educational material of the component, significant errors in answering questions, inability to navigate when solving practical problems, ignorance of the main fundamental provisions.
Recommended books: 1. Lutaiev V.V., Sunichuk S.V. Hidroelektrostantsii. Interaktyvnyi kompleks navchalno-metoychnoho zabezpechennia dystsypliny //. - Rivne: NUVHP, 2008.- 138 s 2. Plachkov I. Enerhetyka: istoriia, suchasnist i maibutnie / I. Plachkov, S. Plachkova [Elektronnyi resurs] – Rezhym dostupu: 4 3. Syrotiuk M.I. Ponovliuvalni dzherela enerhii / Za red.. .I.Kukurudzy.- Lviv: Vyd.tsentr LNU im.I.Franka, 2008.- 248 s. 2. The British Hydropower Association. A GUIDE TO UK MINI-HYDRO DEVELOPMENTS. 5. Stankevych-Volosianchuk O. I., Luksha O. V. STOP masovomu budivnytstvu mini HES u verkhivi richok Karpat (khroniky ta analiz advokatsiinoi kampanii u Zakarpatti) – Uzhhorod: Polihraftsentr «Lira», 2013. – 84 s.
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