Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health

Major: Hydrotechnical Construction, Water Engineering and Water Technologies
Code of subject: 6.194.00.O.047
Credits: 3.00
Department: Civil safety
Lecturer: Ph.D., docent, Roman Soltysik
Semester: 7 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: PH01. Apply basic theories, methods and principles of mathematical, natural, social sciences, humanities and economics, modern models, methods and software to support decision-making to solve complex problems of construction and civil engineering. PH03. Present the results of their own work and argue their position on professional issues, professionals and non-professionals, fluent in the state and foreign languages. РН09. Design building structures, buildings, structures, engineering networks and technological processes of construction production, taking into account engineering and resource-saving measures, legal, social, environmental, technical and economic indicators, scientific and ethical aspects, and modern requirements of regulatory documentation, time and other restrictions in the field of architecture and construction, environmental protection and labor safety. COM1. Reporting to specialists and non-specialists information, ideas, problems, solutions, own experience and argumentation. COM2. Data collection, interpretation and application. COM3. Communication on professional issues, including in a foreign language, orally and in writing. AiV1. Management of complex technical or professional activities or projects. AiV2. Ability to take responsibility for making and making decisions in unpredictable work and / or learning contexts. AiV3. Formation of judgments that take into account social, scientific and ethical aspects. AiV4. Organization and management of professional development of individuals and groups. AiV5. Ability to continue studies with a significant degree of autonomy.
Required prior and related subjects: Physics Chemistry Technology and organization of construction
Summary of the subject: Legal and organizational questions of labor protection, sanitary-and-hygienic requirements to air of working zone, illumination of production areas. The industrial noise. Vibration. Electrical safety. The concepts and definitions used in Life Safety. The concept of danger and risk. The concept of acceptable risk. The classification of dangerous natural processes and phenomena Classification and negative factors characteristic of man-made environment. Transport accident (accident). Fire safety. Protective measures. Radiation safety. Measures of protection against radiation. Biological effects of ionizing radiation. Symptoms of radiation injury. The chemical safety. Measures of protection from dangerous chemicals Psychological and social foundations of human security. First aid in case of accidents.
Assessment methods and criteria: Final control (100%) includes: - theoretical material (40%) - written reports on calculation and graphic work and individual tasks (60%).
Recommended books: 1. Bezpeka zhyttiediialnosti: Navch. posibnyk / Mokhniak S.M., Datsko O.S., Kozii O.Ia., Romaniv A.S., Petruk M.P., Skira V.V., Vasiichuk V.O. – Lviv: Vyd-vo NU «Lvivska politekhnika», 2009. – 248 s. 2. Nadannia pershoi medychnoi ta dolikarskoi dopomohy. Metodychni vkazivky do laboratornoi roboty z kursu “Bezpeka zhyttiediialnosti” / Ukl. Datsko O.S., Petruk M.P., Romaniv A.S., Skira V.V., Putsylo V.I. – Lviv: Vydavnytstvo NU “Lvivska politekhnika” , 2003.- 20 s. 3. Zhydetskyi V.Ts., Zhydetska M.Ie. Persha dopomoha pry neshchasnykh vypadkakh: zapytannia, zavdannia, testy i vidpovidi: Navch. posibnyk. – K.: Osnova, 2003. – 128 s 4. Stupnytska N.V., Fedevych O.Ie. «Vyvchennia poriadku rozsliduvannia ta obliku neshchasnykh vypadkiv na vyrobnytstvi». Metodychni vkazivky dlia vykonannia praktychnoi roboty z dystsypliny “Okhorona pratsi” dlia studentiv dennoi formy navchannia vsikh spetsialnostei / - Lviv :NU „LP” 2005.-20s. 5. Katrenko L.A., Kit Yu.V., Pistun I.P. Okhorona pratsi.: Navchalnyi posibnyk.- Sumy :VTD „Universytetska knyha” , 2003.- 496 s.