Master’s Thesis Internship

Major: Industrial and Civil Construction
Code of subject: 7.192.01.O.018
Credits: 10.50
Department: Building Constructions and Bridges
Lecturer: Surmai M, Maksymovych S.
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • systematization, consolidation and expansion of acquired theoretical and practical knowledge; • application of the acquired knowledge to solve scientific and technical, production, economic and environmental problems; • formation of skills of independent design work; • solving real problems of the enterprise, city, region. PR01.Apply the basic theories, methods and principles of mathematical and natural sciences in the field of professional activity. PR03. Demonstrate skills of oral and written communication in state and foreign languages, using the skills of interpersonal interaction, working in an international context with specialists and non-specialists in the field, using modern means of communication. PR09. Create or apply spatial planning solutions for further design, including the use of information technology. PR11. To determine and evaluate the load and stress-strain state of soil foundations and load-bearing structures of buildings (structures), including with the use of modern information technologies. PR12. To develop constructive decisions of the object of construction on the basis of knowledge of the nomenclature and constructive forms, ability to calculate and construct building constructions and knots of their connection. PR15. Perform and analyze economic calculations of the cost of construction projects. PR17. Organize and manage construction processes in the construction of construction and operation, repair and reconstruction, taking into account the requirements of labor protection. PR18. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of designing urban areas and infrastructure and urban facilities. PR19. Ensure reliable and safe operation of building structures of buildings, structures and utilities.
Required prior and related subjects: • all master's degree disciplines
Summary of the subject: The Master's qualification work (MQW) consists of a graphic part and an explanatory note. Sections of MKW: • architectural and construction; • calculation and design; • technological and organizational; • construction economics; • scientific section. The practice covers the architectural and construction section of the MQW.
Assessment methods and criteria: Design and protection of the text-graphic part of the practice.
Recommended books: 1. ДБН В.1.2-2:2006. Система забезпечення надійності та безпеки будівельних об'єктів. НАВАНТАЖЕННЯ І ВПЛИВИ. Норми проектування. - К.: МІНБУД УКРАЇНИ, 2006. - 77 с. 2. ДБН В.2.1-10:2009. Основи та фундаменти споруд. Основні положення проектування /зі Зм. 1 та Зм. 2// – К.: Мінрегіонбуд України, 2009. – 161с.