Master’s Thesis Defence

Major: Building Constructions, Products and Materials Technologies
Code of subject: 7.192.04.O.019
Credits: 4.50
Department: Building Production
Lecturer: Head of master's qualification work
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - apply the basic theories, methods and principles of mathematical, natural, social sciences and humanities, modern models, methods and software to support decision-making to solve complex problems of construction and civil engineering; - Participate in research and development in the field of architecture and construction; - present professionals and non-specialists the results of their own work and justify their position on professional issues, freely communicating in the state and foreign languages; - have in-depth cognitive and practical skills, mastery and innovation at the required level to solve complex specialized tasks in the field of construction and civil engineering (according to specialization); - bringing information, ideas, problems, solutions, personal experience and arguments to specialists and non-specialists. - data collection, interpretation and application; - communication on professional issues, including in a foreign language, orally and in writing; - management of complex technical or professional activities or projects; - ability to be responsible for making and accepting decisions in unpredictable work and / or learning contexts; - formation of judgments that take into account social, scientific and ethical aspects; - organization and management of professional development of individuals and groups; - ability to continue studies with a significant degree of autonomy.
Required prior and related subjects: Reconstruction and repair of buildings and structures - Economic evaluation of innovative technologies and design solutions in construction - Calculation methods in the technology of construction of buildings and structures. - Modern technologies of energy efficient buildings and structures - Technology and organization of repair of city utilities - Internship - Practice on the topic of master's qualification work
Summary of the subject: Substantiation of the topic and purpose of the master's qualification work. Characteristics of the initial data (situational scheme of construction, study of the construction site). Technology and organization of construction. Calculation of constructive decisions. Technological calculations, the choice of organizational and technological scheme. Occupational Health. Economic part. Conclusions. References. Appendices (presentation). Qualification work involves solving a complex specialized design problem in the field of construction and / or civil engineering. Qualification work should not contain academic plagiarism, fabrication, falsification
Assessment methods and criteria: Public defense before the Examination Commission - oral form (100 points).
Recommended books: 1. ДБН А.3.1-3-94 Управління, організація і технологія. Прийняття в експлуатацію закінчених будівництвом об’єктів. Основні положення. 2. ДБН А.3.2-2-2009 Охорона праці і промислова безпека у будівництві. Основні положення. 3. ДБН В.1.2-14-2008 Надійність будівельних конструкцій і основ. Основні положення по розрахунку 4. ДБН В.3.1-1-2002 Ремонт і підсилення несучих і огороджувальних будівельних конструкцій і основ промисловихбудинків та споруд 5. Державний комітет будівництва, архітектури та житлової політики України, Міністерство праці та соціальної політики України, Держнаглядохоронпраці України, «Нормативні документи з питань обстежень, паспортизації, безпечної та надійної експлуатації виробничих будівель і споруд». – К., 1997, 148.