Master’s Thesis Internship

Major: Building Constructions, Products and Materials Technologies
Code of subject: 7.192.04.O.017
Credits: 10.50
Department: Building Production
Lecturer: Ph.D., Associate Professor Pentsak A.Ya.
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: During the internship the student must know: • structure of production enterprises of the construction industry; • technological schemes of organization of production of building structures, products and materials; • modern technological equipment; • work of the construction laboratory; be able: • independently organize and perform technological processes for the manufacture of building structures, products and materials; • freely use technical documentation; • provide conditions for safe performance of works.
Required prior and related subjects: • Construction materials science; • Technology of production of wall and finishing materials; • Energy and resource-saving technologies in construction;
Summary of the subject: Organization of practice. Industrial and technological work. Labour protection and the environment. Standardization and quality control of construction works. Research work. Individual task in practice. Drawing up and testing a report on the practice..
Assessment methods and criteria: • test report to practice by individual tasks (100%)
Recommended books: 1. Горчаков Г.І.Будівельні матеріали. -М.Вищ.шк.,1981.-421с. 2. Гершберг О.А.Технологія бетонних і залізобетонних виробів.М.:Вид-во літ-ри по будвівн.,1971. - 359 с. 3. Баженов Ю.М. Технологія бетону.-М.:Вищ.шк.,1987.-415 с. 4. Стефанов Б.В.,Русанова Н.Г.,Волянський А.А. Технологія виробництва бетонних і залізобетонних виробів. - Київ: Вища школа.,Голов.вид-во, 1982. - 406 с. 5. Шихненко І.В.Короткий довідник інженера-технолога по виробництву залізобетону. - Київ: Будівельник, 1989. - 296 с.