Traffic Engineering

Major: Highways and Airfields
Code of subject: 7.192.05.E.034
Credits: 4.00
Department: Highways and Bridges
Lecturer: PhD, Oleksii Hunyak
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - have knowledge of the regulatory framework of the RMO and use them to make decisions on safety and traffic regulation; - have knowledge of the main types of conflict points, basic schemes of traffic organization and safety measures with the help of RMO; - determine the level of safety at the road and intersection, make decisions on ways to increase it; - be able to determine the intensity of traffic and the level of road traffic; - determine the capacity of the road section, intersection and the minimum required number of lanes on the approaches to the intersection; - analyze conflict points and develop traffic management schemes; - calculate the modes of operation of traffic lights and estimate traffic delays.
Required prior and related subjects: Road engineering and construction and operation of engineering networks; public transport, city streets and roads; design of highways; transport and communication routes.
Summary of the subject: Regulatory documents and activities of organizations in the field of organization traffic. The system "Road conditions - traffic flows" - the basis of traffic management. Transport research. Characteristics of traffic flow. Basic diagram of TF. SRN bandwidth. Technical means of traffic organization. Measures to organize and regulate traffic.
Assessment methods and criteria: • oral examination, current control in practical classes (30%); • final control (70%, test).
Recommended books: 1. Дзюбинська О.В., Смаль М.В. Організація дорожнього руху: навчальний посібник – Луцьк: РВВ Луцького НТУ, 2015. – 392 с. 2. Дмитриченко М.Ф. Системологія на транспорті. Підручник у 5 кн. / Під заг. ред. Дмитриченка М.Ф.– Кн. ІV: Організація дорожнього руху / М.Ф. Дмитриченко, Е.В. Гаврилов, В.К. Доля, О.Т. Лановий, І.Е. Линник В.П. Поліщук. К.: Знання України, 2006 р.- 504 с. 3. Поліщук В.П. Організація та регулювання дорожнього руху: підручник / В. П. Поліщук; О. О. Бакуліч, О. П. Дзюба, В. І. Єресов та ін. — К., 2014. — 467 с. 4. Лобашов О. О. Практикум з дисципліни “Організація дорожнього руху”: навч. посіб. ? О. О. Лобашов., О. В. Прасоленко. – Х. : ХНАМГ, 2011. – 221 с.