Master’s Thesis Defence

Major: Water Supply and Sewerage System
Code of subject: 7.192.08.O.018
Credits: 4.50
Department: Department of Hydraulic and Water Engineering
Lecturer: Doctor of Science, Professor Volodymyr Cherniuk, Doctor of Science, Assoc. Prof., Orest Verbovskyi, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Olexandr Hvozdeckyi, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Oksana Matsievska, PhD, Associate Professor Ivan Matlai
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: Preparation for the defense of the master's thesis
Завдання: The ability to solve problems of a research and/or innovative nature in the field of construction and civil engineering. ЗК03. Ability to adapt and act in a new situation.
Learning outcomes: PH01. Design buildings and structures (according to specialization), including using computer design tools. PH03. To carry out technical examination of projects of construction and civil engineering objects (according to specialization), controlling the compliance of projects and technical documentation with design tasks, technical conditions and other valid regulatory and legal documents in the field of architecture and construction. PH05. Communicate freely in the state language orally and in writing to discuss professional problems and results of activities in the field of architecture and construction. PH08. Select modern materials, technologies and methods of construction work, taking into account the architectural and planning, constructive part of the project and the production base of the construction organization. PH09. Collect the necessary information using scientific and technical literature, databases and other sources, analyze and evaluate it. PH10. Ability to carry out commercial and economic activities of intellectual property protection in the field of architecture and construction. PH11. Manage complex, unpredictable construction processes that require new strategic approaches.
Required prior and related subjects: • All courses are being studied in preparing a master
Summary of the subject: initial data for design (characteristics of the construction area and terrain; climatic characteristics; geology and hydrogeology; reservoirs; characteristics of economic activity; a general description of work); hydraulic or water management structures on the water supply or drainage network; hydraulic structures on fish ponds; water supply, sewer collector, culvert, slurry pipeline; protective hydraulic structures at the river crossing by water supply, sewerage collector or slurry pipeline; regulation of river flow; dredging works, shore protection; development of measures in the first (second, third) zone of the sanitary protection zone on hydraulic or water management facilities; water lowering, land drainage; water supply and drainage of a residential building; environmental impact assessment; construction economics; scientific part of the project.
Опис: Preparation for the defense of the master's thesis
Assessment methods and criteria: • final control: defense of Master’s thesis (100%)
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Admission to the defense of a master's thesis
Recommended books: 1. ДБН В.2.5-64:2012. Внутрішній водопровід та каналізація. Частина І. Проектування. Частина ІІ. Будівництво. 2. ДБН В.2.5-74:2013. Водопостачання. Зовнішні мережі та споруди. 3. ДБН В.2.5-75:2013. Каналізація. Зовнішні мережі та споруди.