Water Management of Industrial Enterprises

Major: Hydrotechnical Construction, Water Engineering and Water Technologies
Code of subject: 7.194.01.O.001
Credits: 3.00
Department: Department of Hydraulic and Water Engineering
Lecturer: Assoc. Prof., PhD Oksana Matsiyevska
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: AP 1. Know innovative technologies and methods in the field of water management and environmental engineering. AP 2. Know the theory and methods of research planning, modern methods and methods of research, relevant equipment and apparatus. AP 6. Know the principles and methods of labor protection and civil safety in the professional field.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites • Technical mechanics of liquid and gas; • Water supply and drainage; • Water supply networks and structures; • Drainage networks and structures. Co-requisites • Sewage treatment plants; • Water treatment facilities; • Waste disposal facilities.
Summary of the subject: Direct-flow and circulating water system industry. The reservoirs-coolers and spray pools. Open, tower fan and cooling towers. Stabilizing treatment of cooling water. Softening and demineralization of water for industrial purposes. Degassed water in industrial water supply. Extract silicon from water. Treatment and disposal of sludge wastewater treatment plants of industrial enterprises. General sanitation issues in the industry. Methods of treating industrial wastewater. Mechanical treatment of industrial wastewater. Chemical treatment of industrial wastewater. Physical and chemical treatment of industrial wastewater. Biological treatment of industrial wastewater. Sludge treatment of industrial wastewater. Some wastewater treatment industries.
Assessment methods and criteria: Final control (credit): the work of students during practical classes (30%), control work (30%), control measures in the form of tests (40%)
Recommended books: 1. ДБН В.2.5-74:2013. Водопостачання. Зовнішні мережі та споруди. 2. ДБН В.2.5-75:2013. Каналізація. Зовнішні мережі та споруди. 3. Орлов В.О. Водопостачання промислових підприємств: навч. посіб. / В.О. Орлов, Л.Л. Литвиненко, А.М. Орлов. – К.: Знання, 2014. – 278 с.