Politycal Analityc

Major: Political Science
Code of subject: 8.052.00.M.015
Credits: 3.00
Department: Political Science and International Relations
Lecturer: PhD in Political sciences, associate professor Demchyshak Ruslan
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Ability to solve complex specialized problems and practical problems during professional activity in the political sphere and to apply theories and methods of political science in conducting scientific research. КЗ 3. Ability to produce new ideas, be creative, solve complex problems in the process of innovation, research and professional activities, commercialize original research. КЗ 4. Ability to search, process and analyze information, apply skills of using information and communication technologies. КЗ 5. Ability to think flexibly, which allows you to understand and solve problems and problems, while maintaining a critical attitude to established scientific concepts. КС 3. Understanding of basic approaches and theories of political science, mastery of skills of political analysis, forecasting, modeling and political consulting. КС 6. Ability to independently develop a program of specific political science research, to provide expert assessment of current political events and processes. КС 7. Ability to use and implement the latest information and management technologies in politics, solve applied political science problems, make effective policy decisions. ЗН 2. Understanding of tools and strategies for diagnosing and analyzing the development of political phenomena at the level that will allow employment in the specialty at the national and international levels. УМ 1. Apply the acquired knowledge and understanding for scientific analysis of political problems and phenomena, using scientific methods. УМ 4. Combine theory and practice, as well as make decisions and develop strategies for solving scientific and practical problems.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: 1. Contemporary political theories. Corequisites: 1. Applied political science. 2. Relevant issues of Ukraine’s political system transformation and development. 3. Theory and methodology of political research. 4. Relevant issues of state security policy.
Summary of the subject: The subject of political analysis. The political analysis in the structure of political science. Types and methods of political analysis. Scientific-analytical and scientific-theoretical levels of political analysis. Definition of the object of political analysis. The technology of political analysis. The formation of empirical base and choice of research sources. The subjects of political analysis. The primary processing of the information, components of empirical base of political analysis. The formation of applied analytical skills and the organization of an optimal system of analytical work. Special political science methods and their use in political analysis. Political decisions as a component of political analysis. Political monitoring in the system of political analysis. Political risks. The concept of political forecast. Differences between political forecasts and political projects.
Assessment methods and criteria: • Current control: (40%): recitation, speeches during practical classes. • Final control: (60%): exam (tests and theoretical questions).
Recommended books: 1. Braun M. Pol. Posibnyk z analizu derzhavnoyi polityky / Per. Z anhl. – K.: Osnovy, 2000. – 243 s. 2. Vstup do politychnoyi analityky: Navch. posib. / Avt. kol.: S.O, Teleshun, O.R. Tytarenko, I.V. Reyterovych, S.I. Vyrovyy; Za zah. red. S.O. Teleshuna. – K.: Vyd-vo NADU, 2006. – 220 s. 3. Kovalenko A.O. Politychnyy analiz i prohnozuvannya. – K.: Nauk. svit, 2002. – 201 s. 4. Politychna analityka v derzhavnomu upravlinni / S.O.Teleshun ta in.—K.: NADU, 2012. – 228 s.