Current Issues of Transformation and Development of Political System of Ukraine

Major: Political Science
Code of subject: 8.052.00.M.009
Credits: 3.00
Department: Political Science and International Relations
Lecturer: Nataliia Khoma, Prof., Dr (Political Sciences).
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Ability to solve complex specialized tasks and practical problems during professional activity in the political sphere and to apply theories and methods of political science in the implementation of scientific research; deep knowledge of modern research methods, understanding of the nature of science and methodological features of scientific knowledge; ability to search, process and analyze information, apply skills of using information and communication technologies; the ability to think flexibly, which makes it possible to understand and solve problems and problems, while maintaining a critical attitude to established scientific concepts; fundamental knowledge of political history, classical and modern theories of politics; understanding of the theoretical and methodological foundations of political research, theories and methods necessary for the implementation of scientific activities in the field of politics; understanding of basic approaches and theories of political science, mastery of skills of political analysis, forecasting, modeling and political consulting; the ability to independently develop a program of specific political science research, to provide expert assessment of current political events and processes; possession of system knowledge, which will allow to critically analyze domestic and international processes, to determine trends in their development; ability to demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding of scientific and methodological principles of political science, the basics of professionally oriented disciplines of the specialty; knowledge and skills in diagnosing current problems of modern society, development and implementation of new innovative projects in the field of politics; apply the acquired knowledge and understanding for scientific analysis of political problems and phenomena, using scientific methods; to choose and apply the methodology and tools of scientific research in the implementation of theoretical and empirical research in the field of politics; combine theory and practice, as well as make decisions and develop a strategy for solving scientific and practical problems; to carry out relevant research and apply research skills in the field of political science, to conduct scientific discussions in Ukrainian and foreign languages at the appropriate professional level, to present the results of scientific research, to conduct training sessions.
Required prior and related subjects: Pre-requisites: Applied political science. Research seminar in the field of socio-political sciences. Co-requisites: Discipline of the graduate student's choice, which forms general scientific competencies and universal research skills.
Summary of the subject: Features of the political system of Ukraine, its model, structure, functions, characteristics, which change dynamically during the years of independence. Political institutions and their transformation in Ukraine. Modification of the state as the main element of the political system of Ukraine. Dynamics of change in the system of associations of citizens in Ukraine (political parties and public organizations). Political process as an important component of the political system of Ukraine: change of forms and methods. Processes of transformation of political culture and consciousness of the population of Ukraine. Features of changes in political and legal norms in Ukraine. Assessment of the evolutionary processes of the political system of Ukraine.
Assessment methods and criteria: a. Current control (40% - oral examination, reports, discussions, writing essays, case-study research, preparation of presentations on a given topic). b. Final control (60% - examination).
Recommended books: Demianchuk O. SWOT-analiz politychnoi systemy Ukrainy v modernizatsiinii paradyhmi. Naukovi zapysky IPiEND im. I. Kurasa. 2011. № 6 (56). S. 2-25. Krasivskyi O., Krasivskyi D. Transformatsiia politychnoi systemy v nezalezhnii Ukraini. Efektyvnist derzhavnoho upravlinnia. 2016. № 4 (49). Chast. 1. http://webcache. 175013/176149+&cd=12&hl=uk&ct=clnk&gl=ua Matviichyk A. Tendentsii rozvytku politychnoi systemy suchasnoi Ukrainy v konteksti yevropeiskoho dosvidu. Naukovi zapysky IPiEND im. I. Kurasa. 2005. Vypusk 3. Knyha 2. S. 329-341. Matsiievskyi Yu. V. U pasttsi hibrydnosti: zygzagy transformatsii politychnoho rezhymu v Ukraini (1991–2014). Chernivtsi: Knyhy-XXI, 2016. 552 s. Nikolaieva M. I. Zahalni pidkhody do vyvchennia stabilnosti politychnoi systemy Ukrainy. Aktualni problemy polityky. 2000. № 8. S. 35-39. Nikolaieva M. I. Politychna systema suchasnoi Ukrainy: lohika i spriamovanist instytutsionalnykh zmin. Politolohichnyi visnyk. 2002. № 10. S. 10-18. Nikolaieva M. I. Praktychni zakhody shchodo stabilizatsii politychnoi systemy suchasnoi Ukrainy 11 Perspektyvy. 2002. №1 (17). S. 101-105. Nikolaieva M. I. Transformatsiia politychnoi systemy Ukrainy: instytutsionalnyi aspekt. Politolohichnyi visnyk. 2000. № 6. S. 10-18. Nikolaieva M.I. Politychna systema suchasnoi Ukrainy: instytutsionalnyi aspekt analizu. Derzhava i pravo. 2001. №1 3. S. 526-534. Pukhkal O. Modernizatsiia politychnoi systemy Ukrainy: derzhavno-upravlinskyi vymir. Derzhavne upravlinnia ta mistseve samovriaduvannia. 2010. URL: 2010_03(6)/10pogduv.pdf