Democracy as Theory and Practice

Major: Political Science
Code of subject: 8.052.00.M.010
Credits: 3.00
Department: Political Science and International Relations
Lecturer: PhD in Political science, As. Prof. Oleh Tsebenko
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Strengthening students' knowledge, skills and aptitudes related to effective public activity; - Understanding the role of power in democracy, citizen rights, processes of human rights protection, and the role played by civil society in monitoring and cooperating with the government, as well as how it allows individuals to achieve their goals individually or collectively; - It is also expected that students develop skills related to effective civic activity; - Skills to critically analyze information, handle issues from different positions, make informed decisions, and work with others to achieve a common goal; - ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of democratic processes; - Ability to freely manipulate acquired facts and concepts to isolate and analyze the problems of democracy in the world, to analyze the peculiarities of the formation of the modern system of democracy in Ukraine.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: practical politology, investigated study Corequisites: Theory and methodology of social and political study
Summary of the subject: What is democracy? Personality and society. Role of power in a democracy. Forms of government. Assessment of the role of power in solving the problems of society. Introduction to human rights. Human rights in action. Human rights: vulnerable sections of the population. The role of civil society. Civil society is in action. The role of a citizen in the conditions of dumbering. Methods of attracting citizens. What is a "good" citizen? Presentations of student projects.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control: (100%): recitation, speeches during practical classes, final control test (tests and theoretical questions).
Recommended books: Kyslyi P. Stanovlennia parlamentaryzmu v Ukraini: na tli svitovoho dosvidu / P. Kyslyi, Ch. Vais. – K.: Abrys, 2000. – 414 s. Konstytutsiia Ukrainy // Vidomosti Verkhovnoi Rady Ukrainy. – 1996. - № 30. – s. 381 -417. Osnovy demokratiyi: Pidruchnyk dlya studentiv vyshchykh navchal?nykh zakladivZa zahal?noyu redaktsiyeyu Antoniny Kolodiy. 2009 r. – 832 s. Oluiko V.M. Parlamentske pravo Ukrainy: problemy teorii ta praktyky / V.M. Oluiko. – K.: Yurinkom Inter, 2004. – 216 s. Politolohiia / Za red. A.Kolodii. – K.: Elha, Nika-Tsentr, 2003. – 664 s. Teoriia parlamentaryzmu: navchalnyi posibnyk / M.A. Buchyn, U.V. Ilnytska, L.O. Kuchma, Ia.B. Turchyn. – Lviv: Vydavnytstvo NU «LP», 2011. – 392 s. Shapoval V.M. Parlamentaryzm i zakonodavchyi protses v Ukraini: Navchalnyi posibnyk / V.M. Shapoval, V.I. Bordeniuk, H.S. Zhuravlova. – K.: Vyd-vo UADU, 2000. – 216 s.