Political Transitology

Major: Political Science
Code of subject: 8.052.00.M.016
Credits: 3.00
Department: Political Science and International Relations
Lecturer: Dr. of Polit. Sc., doc. Malyk I.R.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Ability to solve complex specialized problems and practical problems during professional activity in the political sphere and to apply theories and methods of political science in conducting scientific research. КЗ 6. Ability to solve tasks and make informed decisions, effectively plan and manage time, work independently and in a team, represent new ideas and projects in the chosen field. КС 3. Understanding of basic approaches and theories of political science, mastery of skills of political analysis, forecasting, modeling and political consulting. КС 4. Understanding of modern world and national political processes, features of functioning of political institutions. КС 5. Application of the acquired knowledge and practical skills to solve specific problems in the political sphere. КС 7. Ability to use and implement the latest information and management technologies in politics, solve applied political science problems, make effective policy decisions. ЗН 2. Understanding of tools and strategies for diagnosing and analyzing the development of political phenomena at the level that will allow employment in the specialty at the national and international levels. ЗН 4. Knowledge and skills in diagnosing current problems of modern society, development and implementation of new innovative projects in the field of politics. УМ 3. Select and apply the methodology and tools of scientific research in the implementation of theoretical and empirical research in politics. УМ 4. Combine theory and practice, as well as make decisions and develop strategies for solving scientific and practical problems. АіВ 1. Ability to adapt to new conditions, make appropriate decisions and initiate new ideas and projects.
Required prior and related subjects: • Prerequisites: • Corequisites: Theory and methodology of research in the field of political science and international relations
Summary of the subject: Особливості становлення транзитології як напряму політичної науки. Концепції політичної транзитології. Теоретичні основи транзитологічних досліджень. Теоретико-методологічні проблеми демократичного транзиту. міжнародні і внутрішні фактори демократичних транзитів. Хвилі демократизації в сучасному світі. Моделі переходу до демократії та результати перехідних процесів. Принципи аналізу політичного транзиту. Новітні типології сучасних політичних транзитів. Особливості політичного транзиту в Україні.
Assessment methods and criteria: • Current control: (40%): recitation, speeches during practical classes. • Final control: (60%): exam (tests and theoretical questions).
Recommended books: • Granovskiy S. A. Prikladnaya politologiya : ucheb. posobie : po distsipline "Politologiya" dlya studentov sots.-ekon. spetsialnostey / S. A. Granovskiy. – M. : Flinta : Mosk. psikhol.-sots. in-t, 2004. – 404,[1] s. • Dubichev V. R. Prakticheskaya politologiya [Tekst] : uchebnik / V. R. Dubichev. – Moskva : Flinta : Nauka, 2015. – 476, [2] s. • Kretov B. I. Prikladnaya politologiya : uchebnoe posobie / B. I. Kretov, A. A. Gorbunov. – Moskva : Vyssh. shk., 2009. – 302, [1] s. • Nikolaienko N. O. Praktychna politolohiia [Tekst] : navch.-metod. posib. / Nikolaienko N. O. ; Mykolaiv. nats. un-t im. V. O. Sukhomlynskoho. – Kherson : Hrin D. S. [vyd.], 2014. – 321 s. • Prykladna politolohiia [Tekst] : navch. posib. / O. D. Boiko [ta in.] ; red. V. P. Horbatenko. – K. : Akademiia, 2008. – 472 s. – (Seriia "Alma-mater"). • Tyskyi M. H. Prykladna politolohiia. Modulnyi kurs [Tekst] : navch.-metod. posib. / Tyskyi M. H. ; Volyn. nats. un-t im. Lesi Ukrainky. – Lutsk : Teren, 2011. – 114 s. • Shulman Ye.M. Prakticheskaya politologiya: posobie po kontaktu s realnostyu / Ye.M. Shulman. – M.: AST, 2018. – 320 s.