Major: Marketing
Code of subject: 8.075.00.M.024
Credits: 3.00
Department: Marketing and Logistics
Lecturer: PhD, Associate рrofessor Mamchyn M.M.
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: The ability to produce new ideas, to solve complex problems of professional and/or research and innovation activity in the field of marketing, to apply the methodology of scientific and pedagogical activity, as well as to conduct own scientific research, the results of which have scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance.
Завдання: The ability to solve complex problems in the field of marketing on the basis of a systematic scientific worldview and a general cultural outlook while observing the principles of professional ethics and academic integrity. The ability to plan and carry out original research, to achieve scientific results that create new knowledge in the theory, methodology and practice of modern marketing and related interdisciplinary areas. The ability to orally and in writing present and discuss the results of scientific research and innovative developments in Ukrainian and foreign languages, a deep understanding of foreign language scientific texts in the direction of research. Ability to carry out scientific and organizational work The ability to identify and formalize patterns of development of market relations objects based on fundamental and applied research, development of recommendations for increasing the efficiency of marketing systems.
Learning outcomes: Develop and implement scientific and/or innovative projects that provide an opportunity to rethink the existing and create new holistic knowledge and/or professional practice and to solve significant scientific and technological marketing problems taking into account social. economic and legal aspects. To present and publish the results of independent, original scientific research that has scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance with due academic integrity, as well as demonstrate mastery of the methodology of teaching professionally oriented disciplines and bear responsibility for teaching others. Adapt and apply in marketing the apparatus of scientific research of related specialties and fields of knowledge.
Required prior and related subjects: Сo-requisites: modern marketing research tools, pre-requisitions: communication management, stakeholder relationship management (stakeholders).
Summary of the subject: It involves providing applicants with knowledge about the essence of the economy of ideas and intellectual property. The discipline involves students acquiring skills in the practical implementation of generated ideas and assessing their value.
Опис: Concept of Ideas. The difference between ideas, knowledge and information and traditional resources. Ideas as a strategic resource for innovative change. The essence of the intellectual capital of an enterprise, organization or institution. The structure of intellectual capital, the place of ideas in the structure of intellectual capital. Valuation of intellectual capital. Methods of intellectual capital valuation. Concept of intellectual property. Basic institutions of intellectual property law. Commercialization of intellectual products. Methods of valuation of intellectual property rights. Liability for infringement of intellectual property rights. Legal and information protection of intellectual products.
Assessment methods and criteria: Passing practical classes, oral examination (30%); final control (70%, follow-up, exam): written and oral form.
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Current control: performance of analytical and calculation tasks and surveys in practical classes (30%); Final control: control measure, exam (70%) - written component 55%, oral component 15%
Порядок та критерії виставляння балів та оцінок: A maximum of 3 points is awarded for the performance of analytical and calculation tasks in practical classes, and a maximum of 1 point for one question is awarded for surveys in practical classes. During the semester, the maximum grade for practical classes is 30 points. The evaluation of the results of solving the analytical and calculation task (tasks) in accordance with the reference solutions is carried out according to the following criteria: 100% – the task fully corresponds to the reference solution, methodically correctly designed with appropriate concise explanations of the calculations, with conclusions, the student can thoroughly explain the obtained results; 75% – the task is completely completed, but minor inaccuracies in calculations or design are assumed, there are no concise explanations of the performed calculations; 50% - the task is completed by at least 50%, provided that it is properly completed; there are certain inaccuracies in the use of calculation formulas, errors in the determination of intermediate and final results, the student cannot explain the obtained results with sufficient justification; 25% - the problem is incorrectly solved or solved by less than 50%, separate formulas are given in the solution and sample calculations are made. The procedure and criteria for issuing evaluations 88-100 points – certified with an excellent grade; 71-87 points – certified with a grade of good; 50-70 points – certified with a satisfactory grade; 26-49 points – not certified;
Recommended books: Управление знаниями. Пер. С англ.. М.: Альпина Бізнес Букс, 2006. 208 с.; Федулова Л.І. Економіка знань: підручник, НАН України, Ін-т економіки та прогнозування НАН України. К. 2009.; Мікульонок І.О. Основи інтелектуальної власності: Навч. посібник. Нац. тех. університет України «Київ, політехн. ін-т» К.: 2005. 230 с.; Дахно І.І. Право інтелектуальної власності: Навч. посібник. К.: Либідь, 2002. 199 с.; Основи інтелектуальної власності: Навч. посібник / А.О. Бояр, Волин. нац. ун-т. ім. Лесі Українки. Луцьк: Волин. нац. ун-т. ім. Л.Українки, 2010. 265 с.; Дорофієнко В.В. В.П. Колосюк Менеджмент в науково-технічній діяльності: Підручник. Донецьк: «ВІК», 2011. 421 с.
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