Fundamentals of Petroleum Chemistry

Major: Chemistry
Code of subject: 8.102.00.M.026
Credits: 3.00
Department: Chemical Technology of Oil and Gas Processing
Lecturer: Michael Bratychak
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: Mastering by graduate students industrial technologies of obtaining organic products from petroleum raw materials, principles of their selection. A graduate student must be oriented in the choice of technologies for obtaining specific organic products with given properties, consciously and competently manage them, using scientific achievements.
Завдання: Systematic knowledge of modern research methods in the field of chemical technologies and engineering and in related fields; the ability to effectively communicate with the wider scientific community in an international context and the public on topical issues of chemical technologies and engineering and related fields; initiation of original research and innovation complex projects; knowledge of modern development trends from the most important scientific achievements in the field of chemistry, chemical technologies and engineering, chemical materials science and related fields; systematic knowledge and understanding of modern scientific theories and methods and the ability to effectively apply them for the synthesis of new chemical compounds, technological processes, waste-free chemical technologies and chemical equipment, energy saving and environmental safety; the ability to integrate knowledge from other disciplines, apply the latest systemic approach, take into account non-technical aspects when conducting experimental research and solving engineering problems.
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the discipline, the specialist should: 1. To become proficient in the general theoretical foundations of petrochemical industries 2. To become proficient in technological processes of production from the raw material of the main products of organic synthesis 3. To know the list and requirements for raw materials for obtaining petrochemical products 4. To know the regularities of the course of chemical reactions in the presence of catalysts different by nature 5. To know the operating conditions of technological installations 6. To know all main properties of products and methods for their determination 7. To know the safe operation of plants and equipment 8. To know the economics of processes and environmental protection during the production of petrochemical products
Required prior and related subjects: Modern organic chemistry Chemical thermodynamics Solution theories and phase equilibrium Methods of fine organic synthesis
Summary of the subject: This discipline includes modern technologies for obtaining organic products, emphasis will be placed on obtaining them based on oil fractions.
Опис: 1. Thermal processes of oil fractions refining 2. Thermal catalytic processes of petroleum fractions refining 3. Pyrolysis of petroleum fractions - a process for obtaining lower unsaturated hydrocarbons 4. Catalytic reforming - the process for producing arene hydrocarbons 5. Technological diagrams of oil refineries with partial or full production of raw materials for organic synthesis 6. Production of paraffinic, olefinic, acetylene, diene and aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum raw materials 7. Production of naphthenic hydrocarbons 8. Production of synthesis gas 9. Major tonnage products from petroleum raw materials
Assessment methods and criteria: final control writing component 70% oral component 30%
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: 1. Control works - verification of the correctness of the decisions made. 2. Exam - written - oral form.
Recommended books: 1. Братичак М.М., Гринишин О.Б., Технологія нафти і газу. - Львів: вид-во НУЛП, 2013.- 180 с. 2. Братичак М.М. Основи промислової нафтохімії. - Львів: вид-во НУЛП, 2008.- 604 с. 3. Теддер Дж., Нехватал А., Джубб А. Промышленная органическая химия, 1977. – 438 с. 4. Гетьманчук Ю.П., Братичак М.М. Хімія та технологія полімерів. - Львів: вид-во Бескид БіТ, 2006.- 496 с. 5. Братичак М.М., Гетьманчук Ю.П. Хімічна технологія синтезу високомолекулярних сполук. - Львів: вид-во НУЛП, 2009.- 416 с. 6. Гетьманчук Ю.П., Братичак М.М. Хімія високомолекулярних сполук. -Львів: вид-во НУЛП, 2008. 7. Братичак М.М., Сікорський Р.Т. Основи синтезу і реакційної здатності високомолекулярних сполук. -Львів: вид-во НУЛП, 2003. 8. Мономеры для поликонденсации. Под ред. Стилла Дж., Кеммбелла Т., 1976. 9.