Model-based Methods of Information Systems Development

Major: lnformation Systern and Technologies
Code of subject: 8.126.00.M.027
Credits: 3.00
Department: Information Systems and Networks
Lecturer: prof. Yevhen Burov
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: The purpose of studying the discipline is to form postgraduate students' knowledge and skills in the problems of using model-oriented methods in the process of developing information systems.
Завдання: general competences: - apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations, in scientific activity. - initiate research and innovation projects and work autonomously during their implementation. - identify and solve problems, generate ideas and make informed decisions. - to the analysis, synthesis and optimization of information systems and technologies using mathematical models and methods. professional competences: - use in-depth theoretical and fundamental knowledge in the field of information technologies to solve complex problems, study and critically evaluate new research methodologies, based on professional scientific sources in this field. - to the development and research of models and methods of quality assessment and improvement of reliability, functional safety, survivability of information systems and digital services. - to mastering the methods of planning and conducting experiments (including active, passive, simulation), statistical processing of their results. - manage information resources, information systems and digital services. - possess a wide range of competencies necessary for effective management of IT projects at all phases of their life cycle
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the academic discipline, the student must be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: - Possess advanced conceptual and methodological knowledge in the field of scientific research and/or professional activity at the border of subject areas. - Possess in-depth professional knowledge and practical skills to solve complex problems in the field of information systems and technologies. - Possess systematized knowledge of modern research methods in the field of information technology and IT project management. - Have in-depth knowledge in the chosen field of scientific research. - Have an understanding of the impact of technical solutions in the public, economic and social context.
Required prior and related subjects: OK2.1 Methods of analysis and optimization of complex systems
Summary of the subject: The course is devoted to familiarization with the problems of model-oriented methods of information systems development. In particular, the xUML methodology for the development of information systems is considered.
Опис: 1. General provisions and the place of MDA in the process of automating the development of information systems General characteristics and place of model-oriented methods in the software development process. Main principles, methods and means. 2. Model-oriented architectures Basic definitions, modeling levels, display of models. Modeling languages 3. General and DS languages. xUML language. Overview of specialized languages 4. Metamodeling and MOF. MOF and UML 5. XML metadata interchange (XMI) 6. Automation tools and the development process in the MDD paradigm
Assessment methods and criteria: Diagnostics of knowledge is carried out by evaluating the performed laboratory work and current control
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Assessment of the knowledge of students is based on the performance of tasks within laboratory classes (current control) and the performance of the examination task.
Recommended books: Foundational 1. Вон Вернон. Предметно-ориентированное проектирование. Самое основное. Вильямс, 2016, 160 с. 2. Model-driven Software Engineering (MDSE) in Practice. The book on MDD, MDE, MDA, MD* by Marco Brambilla, Jordi Cabot, and Manuel Wimmer. 2nd edition. Morgan & Claypool, 2017. ISBN (paperback) 9781627057080. (ebook) 9781627059886 3. The Fast Guide to Model Driven Architecture The Basics of Model Driven Architecture Information resources Інформаційні ресурси • •