Project Management of Information Systems Development and Technology

Major: lnformation Systern and Technologies
Code of subject: 8.126.00.M.030
Credits: 3.00
Department: Information Systems and Networks
Lecturer: Pasichnyk V.
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: To provide students with an idea of the methodology of preparation and implementation, ways and means of building projects, attracting resources for the implementation of these projects, and mechanisms for managing them. The program contains sections devoted to the conceptual foundations of the development and content of projects related to software development and project management
Завдання: The study of an academic discipline involves the formation and development of competencies in graduate students: Integral competence The ability to solve complex problems in the field of information technologies, the development of information systems, to conduct research and innovation activities that involve a deep rethinking of existing and the creation of new integral knowledge, as well as the practical implementation of the obtained results and/or professional practice. general competences: • to abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis, to the formation of a systematic scientific outlook, professional ethics and a general cultural outlook. • identify and solve problems, generate ideas and make informed decisions. • form innovative ideas and implement them in IT projects professional competences of the specialty: • Use in-depth theoretical and fundamental knowledge in the field of information technologies to solve complex problems, study and critically evaluate new research methodologies, based on professional scientific sources in this field. • To develop scientific and methodological bases for the creation and application of information technologies and systems for information processing and management. • The ability to develop scientific and methodological bases for the creation and application of information technologies and systems for automated information processing and management • Possessing the skills of development and research of models and methods of quality assessment and improvement of reliability, functional security and survivability of information systems and digital services. • Manage information resources, information systems and digital services. • Ability to develop fundamental models of information technologies, design and create prototypes of information systems and digital services • Possess a wide range of competencies necessary for effective management of IT projects at all phases of their life cycle.
Learning outcomes: • To analyze the fundamental and modern works of leading foreign and domestic scientists in the selected field of research, to formulate the purpose and tasks of one's own scientific research as components of the general civilizational process. • Manage scientific projects and/or prepare proposals for financing scientific research • To carry out original scientific research of information systems and digital services at the appropriate professional level, to achieve scientific results that create new knowledge to solve current problems. • Cooperate with specialists from various fields in the framework of scientific projects on the development and research of information systems and technologies, using the principles of professional ethics and the skills of professional ethical behavior • Optimize software in accordance with the principles of service-oriented architecture of distributed software systems • Manage the processes of creation and use of information systems and digital services. • Apply modern software and technical tools to solve applied problems of building information systems and digital services.
Required prior and related subjects: Methods of analysis and optimization of complex systems
Summary of the subject: To give students a system of theoretical knowledge and to form practical skills in the field of planning, evaluation, monitoring and support of projects in the IT sphere.
Опис: Topic 1. General provisions of software development project management The essence of IT projects. Features of the project. Internal and external environment of the project. Project environment. The main elements of the project. The project as a system. Types of work that are performed at different stages of the life cycle. The relationship between the project management system and the IT strategy of the enterprise. Topic 2. International design standards and forms of the organizational structure of the project Existing project development standards. Software development management standards (COBIT, MOF, MSF, ITIL, PMBOK, ISO 12207, ISO 15504, ISO 9001). Analysis of the project life cycle according to the PMBOK standard and ISO 12207 standards. The connection of project management with the knowledge of software engineering. Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK), IEEE 2004. The concept and meaning of the project management system. Classification of software projects, features of their management. The composition of project management system elements and their relationship. Organizational structures of project management. Types and characteristics of project management organizational structures. Functional organization. Matrix organization. Advantages of project-oriented management organization. Modern trends in the development of organizational structures. Topic 3. General approaches to project planning, structuring and control. Processes of initialization, planning, execution, control and closing of the project. Determination of requirements for equipment and material resources. The structure of distribution (decomposition) of works (OBS, WBS). The essence and main stages of building a WBS structure. Procedure and rules for building network graphs. Time parameters and optimization of network graphs. The concept of a path. The critical path of the project. Topic 4. Implementation and control of the software development project. Determination of deviations from the project plan. Reference plan as a basis for project implementation control. Forecasting the final cost of the project. Creation of a general change control system. Purpose, types and directions of project monitoring. Approval and tracking of changes in the project. Analysis and approval of change requests. Correction of design documents. Topic 5. IT project quality management. General concept of quality management. Modern approaches to determining quality. Quality planning. Methods and means of quality planning: analysis of profits and costs, comparison with a sample, flow charts, setting up experiments. Quality management plan. Quality system. Control schedules. Pareto charts. Statistical modeling. Methods of quality assurance in a software development project. Fundamentals of software quality. Topic 6. Project documentation: top-level planning. Documentation management. Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Management of project configurations. Development of a software quality control plan (SQAP). The concept of metrics. Using the knowledge base on software design.
Assessment methods and criteria: 1. Verification of knowledge and completed work in laboratory classes 2. Verification of individual calculation and graphic works according to the schedule and according to the work program 3. Conducting a written exam according to the schedule and checking the works 4. Conducting the oral component of the exam with an additional survey
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: - individual work - 20 - performance of laboratory tasks - 30 - exam - 20
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