Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Information Systems Interaction

Major: lnformation Systern and Technologies
Code of subject: 8.126.00.M.026
Credits: 3.00
Department: Information Systems and Networks
Lecturer: V.V. Pasichnyk
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: Formation of in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge on recognition and classification in complex systems, analysis and research of data as a strategic resource, application of analytical approaches and tools for recognition and classification in complex systems; acquiring skills in managing recognition and classification processes in complex systems; acquiring teamwork skills; training on the example of specific real organizations
Завдання: 1. the ability to use in-depth theoretical and fundamental knowledge in the field of information technologies to solve complex problems; 2. the ability to formulate, analyze and synthesize solutions to scientific problems abstract level by decomposing them into components that can be investigated separately in their more and less important aspects when modeling complex ones information systems
Learning outcomes: Obtaining knowledge for the ability to evaluate existing recognition and classification technologies in complex systems and, based on the analysis, to form requirements for the development of promising information technologies. Knowledge and skills to carry out effective communication activities of the team on the development of tools and technologies for recognition and classification in complex systems. Knowledge and skills in building a model of information flows, designing storage and data spaces, knowledge bases, using diagrammatic techniques and standards for the development of information systems.
Required prior and related subjects: Fundamentals of systems theory Modeling, analysis and synthesis of the interaction of complex information systems Probability theory and mathematical statistics. Methods of analysis and optimization of complex systems Information technologies System analysis of multi-criteria processes of various nature
Summary of the subject: The knowledge gained in the process of studying this discipline is based on the key ones provisions of system analysis, as well as modern methods and tools modeling of complex systems, basic elements of business planning and IT implementation projects.
Опис: The concept of signs and their types. Informativeness of signs and their selection. Definition of the standard. Perception of images by a set of signs. Concept of feature space and its metric. Proximity measures for quantitative, qualitative and binary features. The concept of proximity matrix. Concept of classification and its methods. Numerical classification and its types. Information statistics. Combination strategies and their types. Cluster analysis model. Agglomerative hierarchical cluster analysis with numerical and binary features. Presentation of clustering results using a dendrogram and their interpretation.
Assessment methods and criteria: Diagnostics of knowledge is carried out by evaluating the completed laboratory work and credit control (written component) in the form of test questions of three levels of difficulty
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: - individual work - 20 - performance of laboratory tasks - 30 - exam - 50
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