Metrological Assurance of Gas Analysis Tools

Major: Metrology and Information-Measuring Ttechnology
Code of subject: 8.152.00.M.26
Credits: 4.00
Department: Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies
Lecturer: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Dilay Igor Volodymyrovych
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - Knowledge and understanding of modern methods and means of analysis of gas mixtures and the ability to effectively apply them to solve problems of automation of computer-integrated technologies; - Ability to apply a systems approach to the problems of optimization of gas mixture analysis systems; - Ability to argue the choice of methods and means of analysis of gas mixtures for the tasks of automation of computer-integrated technologies, to critically evaluate the results obtained and to defend the decisions with arguments; - Ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of modern methods and means of analysis of gas mixtures associated with the provision of their metrological and operational characteristics; - Ability to solve problems of measuring the concentrations of components of complex gas mixtures; - Ability to solve problems of analysis of gas mixtures taking into account non-technical aspects.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: - Technological measurements and devices - Metrological support of technological measurements - Modeling and optimization of control systems Corequisites: - Metrological support of volume flow measurement and fluid environments - Gas-dynamic methods of analysis and synthesis of gas mixtures
Summary of the subject: Introductory lecture on methods and devices for the analysis of gas mixtures and the objective need to improve their accuracy. Metrological support for the production of gas mixtures. Devices for measuring and setting small and micro gas consumption. Substantiation of the need to develop low-gas gas supply. Gas-dynamic throttle synthesizers for thermal power and natural gas quality control. Methods of calibration of chromatographs. Examples of developing gas-dynamic synthesizers for specific applications.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control, oral examination, 50% Control measure - exam, 50%
Recommended books: 1. Коллеров Д.К. Газоанализаторы. Проблемы практической метрологии. - М.: Изд-во стандартов, 1980. - 176 с. (Kollerov D.K. Gas analyzers. Problems of Practical Metrology. - M .: Publishing house of standards, 1980. - 176 p.) 2. Прохоров В.А. Основы автоматизации аналитического контроля химических производств. – М.: Химия, 1984. – 320 с. (Prokhorov V.A. Basics of automation of analytical control of chemical production. - M .: Chemistry, 1984. - 320 p.) 3. Коллеров Д.К. Метрологические основы газоаналитических измерений. (Теория и практика получения градуировочных и поверочных газов и газовых смесей). – М.: Изд-во комитета стандартов. – 1967. – 395 с. (Kollerov D.K. Metrological foundations of gas analytical measurements. (Theory and practice of obtaining calibration and calibration gases and gas mixtures). - M .: Publishing house of the committee of standards. - 1967. - 395 p.) 4. Рейман Л.В. Техника микродозирования газов. (Методы и средства для получения газовых смесей): Справочное пособие. - Л.: Химия, 1985. - 224 с. (Reiman L.V. Gas microdosing technique. (Methods and means for obtaining gas mixtures): A reference manual. - L .: Chemistry, 1985. - 224 p.) 5. Егоров В.А. Промышленное производство газовых смесей // Обзор. информ. – сер. Кислордная промышленность. – М.: НИИТЭХИМ, 1984. – 20 с. (Egorov V.A. Industrial production of gas mixtures // Review. inform. - ser. Oxygen industry. - M .: NIITEKHIM, 1984. - 20 p.) 6. Gary O. Nelson. Gas mixtures: preparation and control. Lewis Publishers, 1992. – 294 p.