Cyber-Physical Systems

Major: Metrology and Information-Measuring Ttechnology
Code of subject: 8.152.00.M.029
Credits: 3.00
Department: Measuring Information Technologies
Lecturer: Prof. Serhiy V. Prokhorenko
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: know: • CPS, typical structures and their classification, depending on the method of organization and scope; • Typical applications, including CPSs in energy, transport, medicine areas, etc .; • Sensors and actuators in the CPSs, levels of support and organization of operation; • Accumulation, storage, and processing the data; • Cloud technologies in the work of the CPSs. be able to: • ensure the choice and optimization of the CPS’s design depending on the area of application, dispersion of elements, etc .; • organize remote access and reliable and reproducible metrological characteristics, • implement of the necessary software, including metrologically justified; • organize the operation of the CPS, including cloud technologies application.
Required prior and related subjects: • Management of research projects • Foreign language for academic purposes; • Trends in the development of public administration systems;
Summary of the subject: Sensors and actuators as a basis for the design of the cyber-physical systems. Development of self- systems: checking, calibration, calibration of sensors and actuators. Quality characteristics of CPS, depending on the area of their use. CPS’s topology. Methods of transmitting information within CPS. Features of operation of CPSs, including their protection. IEEE protocols used for CPS’s operation. Methods of improving efficiency, including metrological support.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control: (oral examination, control measures (30%)) Final control (70% of exam): written-oral form
Recommended books: 1. Б.Стадник, С.Яцишин, І.Микитин. Метрологія в кібер-фізичних системах. Кібер-фізичні системи: досягнення та виклики, Матеріали 1-го наукового семінару, 25-26 червня 2015р., Львів, Україна. 2. Cyber-Physical Systems. Metrological Issues. Editors S.Yatsyshyn, B.Stadnyk, IFSA Publishing, Barcelona, Spain, 2016. 3. S. Yurish. Sensors : Smart vs. Intelligent, Sensors and Transducers, Vol. 114, Issue 3, 2010, pp. I-VI. 4. Cyber-Physical Systems and Metrology 4.0. Editors S.Yatsyshyn, B.Stadnyk, IFSA Publishing, Barcelona, Spain, 2021.