Biotechnology and Bioengineering of Plants and Genome Analysis Methods

Major: Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Code of subject: 8.162.00.O.8
Credits: 3.00
Department: Technology of Biologically Active Substances, Pharmacy and Biotechnology
Lecturer:, PhD Petrina Romana
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • Knowledge of methods of genetic, cell engineering and selection of microorganisms and plants and modern methods of study and identification of GMOs, immuno- and DNA diagnostics. • Carry out experimental research and apply research skills independently. • Assess the feasibility and feasibility of new methods and technologies in the development of biotechnological bases and methods of production of new biological products and biological products, improvement of existing ones.
Required prior and related subjects: prerequisites: Molecular biotechnology and bioengineering; Bioinformatics and information technologies in biotechnology co-requisites: Physico-chemical and biophysical methods of bioorganics identification; Analytical and numerical research methods
Summary of the subject: The course includes modern alternative biotechnological methods of growing plants in vitro and obtaining of callus biomass. Modern methods of identification of biologically active compounds in biomass of plants. Current methods and approaches for analysis of genome of plants. Computer programs for determining of genome of plants.
Assessment methods and criteria: • practical work and oral questioning – 30 points; • final control (exam) – 70 points (final test – 60 points, oral test– 10 point
Recommended books: 1. Основи біотехнології в рослинництві:[ Методичні рекомендації]/ Миколаївський національний аграрний університет, 2017 2. Біотехнологія рослин : [навчальний посібник] / Т.М.Сатарова, О.Є.Абраімова, А.І.Вінніков, A.В.Черенков. – Дніпропетровськ : Адверта, 2016. – 136 с. 3. 1st Edition Plant Biotechnology By S. Umesha Copyright Year 2019; Published January 16, 2019 by CRC Press, 436 pages