Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Food Technology Development

Major: Food Technology
Code of subject: 8.181.00.O.8
Credits: 6.00
Department: Organic Products Technology
Lecturer: docent Ruslana Kosiv
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: to know the scientific and practical basics of food technologies, methodological bases of research activity, basics of mathematical planning of experiment and optimization of technological processes, which are necessary for the production of innovative scientific ideas and solving complex problems in the process of innovation research and professional activity in the field of food technologies
Required prior and related subjects: Analytical and numerical research methods
Summary of the subject: Fundamentals of thermodynamics and kinetics of biological processes, molecular biophysics of macromolecules and nutrient chemistry. Structural-mechanical properties of foodstuffs, design of functional foodstuffs, role of microorganisms and enzyme preparations in food technologies. Fundamentals of high food technology. Modern methods of food research. Methods of mathematical planning of experiments and optimization of technological processes.
Assessment methods and criteria: • oral questioning, control work (30%) • final control (exam): written-oral form (70%)
Recommended books: 1. Bazarnova Yu.G. Teoreticheskiie osnovy metodov issledovaniia pishchevykh produktov: Ucheb. posobiie / Yu.G. Bazarnova. ? SPb: NIU ITMO; IKhiBT, 2014. ? 136 s. 2. Dotsenko O.I. Biofisika. Fermentativnaia kinetika. Dinamicheskiie modeli i termodinamika biologicheskikh protsessov. Molekularnaia biofisika. Teoriia / O.I. Dotsenko, G.V. Taradina. ? Donetsk: Don.NU, 2012. ? 154 s. 3. Koriachkina S.Ya. Nauchnyie osnovy proizvodstva produktov pitania: Ucheb. posobiie / S.Ya. Koriachkina, O.M. Prigarina. ? Orel: FGBOU VPO «Gosuniversitet-UNPK», 2011. ? 377 s. 4. Poperechnyy A.M. Modeliuvannia protsesiv i obladnannia kharchovykh vyrobnytstv: navch. posib. / A.M. Poperechnyy, V.H.Korniychuk. ? D.: DonNUET, 2008. ? 100 s.