Intellectual Property Protection

Major: Environmental Protection Technology
Code of subject: 8.183.00.M.024
Credits: 3.00
Department: Ecological Safety and Nature Protection Activity
Lecturer: Associate Professor A. Shybanova
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: Study of theoretical and practical issues of emergence and protection of intellectual property rights.
Завдання: general competences: IT. The ability to solve complex tasks and problems in the field of environmental protection technologies when performing professional activities or in the learning process, which involves conducting research and/or implementing innovations and is characterized by the complexity and uncertainty of conditions and requirements; KZ3. Ability to search, process and analyze information from various sources; KZ6. Ability to develop and manage projects; KZ7. Carrying out safe activities. professional competences: KS2. Ability to use science-based methods of processing research results in the field of environmental protection technologies; CS6. The ability to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of environmental protection measures and applied technologies.
Learning outcomes: - knowledge of the nature of intellectual property; - institutional and legal framework of functioning intellectual property - basic legislative acts governing the protection of intellectual property; - issues of protection of intellectual property and the economic fundamentals of intellectual property.
Required prior and related subjects: Project management in ecology
Summary of the subject: The concept and content of intellectual property as a result of intellectual activity. The system of intellectual property protection. Patent-licensing and patent policy research in the creation of intellectual property. The concept and organizational and economic mechanism of intellectual property.
Опис: General theoretical issues of intellectual property law. Protection of rights to objects of intellectual property rights. International cooperation in the field of intellectual property. Copyright and related rights Objects and subjects of industrial property law Patent and licensing policy and patent research in the process of creating intellectual property. Concept and organizational and economic mechanism of management of intellectual property and intellectual capital. Valuation of the value of objects of intellectual property rights.
Assessment methods and criteria: - The current control (30%) are workshops, oral interviews and test; - The final control (70%) is a credit.
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: The maximum score is 100 Current control (PC) -30 Credit control 70 Together for the discipline - 100 Practical classes -20 KR-10 Total for 30 PCs Assessment of the knowledge of students in the academic discipline is carried out in accordance with the Regulation "On the organization and implementation of current and semester monitoring of the results of students' studies", which was approved by the Rector of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" on January 23, 2019. For the performance of all types of mandatory individual work (OIR), the maximum number of points is assigned according to the following criteria: - timeliness of execution; - independence of execution; - the correctness of the method of solving the task and the algorithm of its implementation; - reliability of the results; – conformity of measurement units; - reasoning of the conclusions; – compliance of the report with the established requirements. The procedure for issuing OIR points in % of the maximum number of points allocated for a certain type of OIR: 0% – the task was not completed or plagiarism was detected or the fact of non-independent implementation of the OIR was established; 40% – the task is partially completed and contains significant methodological or calculation errors; the conclusions are not substantiated and incorrect, the report was executed carelessly; 60% – the task was completed completely and on time, but contains significant errors in calculations or methodology; the conclusions contain some shortcomings, the student's judgments are not sufficiently reasoned; the report was completed with minor deviations from the requirements; 80% – the task was completed in full and on time, but contains some minor shortcomings (dimensions, conclusions, design, etc.); 100% - the task was completed correctly, on time and without comments. The student is obliged to adhere to the established schedule of implementation of OIR. The educational achievements of the student are evaluated according to the 100-point rating scale established by the university: 100-88 points - certified with the grade "excellent" 87-71 points - certified with a grade of "good" 70-50 points - certified with a "satisfactory" rating 49-26 points - not certified 25-00 points - not certified with an "unsatisfactory" rating Certified with the rating "excellent" - corresponds to a comprehensive systematic and deep knowledge of the software material; assimilation of information from the lecture course, basic and additional literature; clear mastery of the conceptual apparatus, methods and tools provided by the program; the ability to use them correctly to solve both typical and atypical problem situations; execution of all types of OIR; Certified with a grade of "good" - corresponds to knowledge of the basic program material; assimilation of information from the lecture course; possession of the basic conceptual apparatus, methods and tools provided by the program; the ability to use them without error to solve typical situations, making individual mistakes; execution of all types of OIR, making certain mistakes when using them; Certified with a grade of "satisfactory" - corresponds to lack of knowledge of the basic software material; mastery of certain concepts, methods and tools, making significant mistakes when using them; execution of all types of OIR, making significant mistakes when using them; Not certified - corresponds to ignorance of the basic software material; lack of sufficient mastery of the basic concepts of the course; fulfillment of more than 50% of OIR in the academic discipline; Not certified with the grade "unsatisfactory" - corresponds to not understanding the essence of the questions and not having sufficient mastery of the basic concepts of the course; completion of less than 50% of the OIR in the academic discipline (at least in one of their types). In case of completion of all OIR, the student receives admission to the examination control.
Recommended books: 1. Dakhno I. I. Pravo intelektualnoyi vlasnosti. (Intellectual property rights) – K.: Lybid', 2002. 2. Cherevko H.V. Intelektualna vlasnist'. (Intellectual property) Navch. pos. – K.: Znannya, 2008. – 412 р. 3. Tsybulev P. N. Vvedenie v intelektualnuyu sobstvennost'. – (Introduction to Intellectual Property) K.: UkrINTEL, 2000.
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