Dynamics 0f Building Constructions and Structures

Major: Building and Civil Engineering
Code of subject: 8.192.00.M.12
Credits: 5.00
Department: Bridges and Structural Mechanics
Lecturer: PhD, professor Yevhen Kharchenko
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • have systematic knowledge of applied theory of mechanical oscillations and stability of motion and ways of their application for solving practical problems of dynamics of building structures and structures; • be able to perform mathematical modeling and carry out scientific studies of free and forced oscillations, as well as wave processes in mechanical systems of building structures and structures; • have erudition about the main directions of development and prospects of practical application of science in the dynamics and strength of building structures and structures.
Required prior and related subjects: • Philosophy and methodology of science; • Current areas of research in civil engineering and civil engineering.
Summary of the subject: Linear systems with one degree of freedom and systems with finite number of degrees of freedom. Systems with nonlinear characteristics. Approximate methods for the study of free and forced oscillations in nonlinear systems. Fluctuations of rods as systems with distributed parameters. Approximate and numerical methods for calculating oscillations. Calculations for oscillation of alternating section bars and beams on an elastic basis. Calculation of structures on wind loads and seismic effects. Ways to control vibrations.
Assessment methods and criteria: • operating control 40% (calculations works); • final control 60% (exam, written-oral form).
Recommended books: 1. Тимошенко С. П., Янг Д. Х., Уивер У. Лщлебания в инженерном деле / Пер. с англ. Л. Г. Корнейчука; Под ред. Э. И Григолюка. – М.: Машиностроение, 1985. – 472 с. 2. Василенко М. В., Алексейчук О. М. Теорія коливань і стійкості руху. – К.: Вища школа, 2004. – 525 с. 3. Баженов В. А., Перельмутер А. В., Шишов О. В. Будівельна механіка. Компютерні технології: Підручник / За заг. ред. В. А. Баженова. – К.: Каравела, 2015. – 696 с.