Innovative Technologies of Buildings Heat and Gas Provision

Major: Building and Civil Engineering
Code of subject: 8.192.00.M.10
Credits: 5.00
Department: Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation
Lecturer: Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Vasyl Zhelykh
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • determine the heat supply technology for buildings that is suitable for maintaining their thermal state. • know the current state and prospects of development of heat supply systems. • be able to evaluate the scientific problem of efficient use of heat supply systems and find ways to solve it. • to choose rational methods of scientific research of the problem of heat supply of buildings and structures. • carry out feasibility study of the scientific and technical decisions made for the conditions of the rational functioning of the systems. • development of heat supply systems based on existing methodologies and recommendations, as well as research findings.
Required prior and related subjects: • heat supply; • heating; • heat generating installations; • use of secondary energy resources; • non-conventional energy sources.
Summary of the subject: The course "Innovative technologies of systems of heat and gas supply of buildings" involves the study of modern technologies for maintaining the thermal state of buildings and structures. The issues addressed in the study of the discipline are very relevant, since they concern the problems of energy saving and rational use of fuel and energy resources in housing and communal services. The course covers current issues of reducing the consumption of traditional organic fuels and the transition to alternative sources of energy in heating systems. The methodological bases of the scientific approach of energy audit of buildings and structures are considered.
Assessment methods and criteria: written reports on laboratory work, oral examination, reference work final control (60% control measure, test): written, oral form (40%)
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