The Theory of Turbulent Flows

Major: Building and Civil Engineering
Code of subject: 8.192.00.M.16
Credits: 5.00
Department: Department of Hydraulic and Water Engineering
Lecturer: Professor, doctor of technical sciences Volodymyr V. Cherniuk
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • • Mastering the basic algorithms and concepts for constructing the calculation models of the individual problems of hydromechanics and mastering the features of their solution. • Fixing the skills of applying the Bernoulli, Euler, Navier-Stokes and Reynolds equations. • Acquire the necessary knowledge to solve specific problems arising in engineering and scientific practice with the help of these equations. • Ability to evaluate the reliability and safety of operation of modern hydraulic and hydraulic systems and their environmental impact.
Required prior and related subjects: • Analytical and Numerical Methods of Research
Summary of the subject: The discipline "Turbulent Flow Theory" is aimed at developing the postgraduate skills of applying modern methods of solving hydromechanics problems using the Bernoulli, Euler, Navier-Stokes, Reynolds differential equations. Introduces to the postgraduate students the calculations of complex hydraulic systems and hydraulic structures, which are in the conditions of action of static and dynamic loads of liquids and their flows. This course teaches methods for assessing the reliability of hydraulic systems and their environmental impact.
Assessment methods and criteria: final control (exam): written-oral form (100 %)
Recommended books: 1. Chuhaiev R. R. Hidravlicheskie terminy. – Moskva: Vysshaia shkola, 1974. – 104 s. 2. Yakhno O. M. Napirni potoky zi zminnymy kharakterystykamy: monohrafiia / O. M. Yakhno, V. V. Cherniuk , R. M. Hnativ. – Lviv: Vydavnytstvo Lvivskoi politekhniky, 2016. – 408 s. 3. Cherniuk V. V. Hidrotekhnichni sporudy: navchalnyi posibnyk / V. V. Cherniuk, O. H. Hvozdetskyi, A. V. Musiienko. – Lviv: NU Lvivska politekhnika, 2017. – 208 s. 4. Landau L. D., Lifshits Ye. M. Teoreticheskaia fizika: Uchebnoie posobiie. V 10 t. T. VI. Hidrodinamika. – Moskva: Nauka, 1988. – 736 s. 5. Chuhaiev R. R. Hidravlyka: Uchebnik. – Leninhrad: Enerhoizdat, 1982. – 672 s.