English Language For Academic Purposes

Major: Building and Civil Engineering
Code of subject: 8.192.00.O.5
Credits: 4.00
Department: Foreign Languages
Lecturer: Havryliuk M.V.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As the result of studying the discipline students should be able to demonstrate such learning outcomes: • to communicate in a foreign language within familiar academic and general professional environment • to discuss general learning and special issues in order to reach understanding • to prepare public speeches in a number of general questions of political, economic and cultural spheres applying relevant means of verbal and non-verbal communication • to find new textual, graphical, audio and video information on issues related to general academic and professional activity contained in foreign language materials (both printed and electronic) using relevant search methods • to analyze information from foreign language sources in order to receive data necessary for fulfilling general academic and professional tasks • to write a number of documents in a foreign language required for participation in international academic events, students’ exchange programs as well as for employment.
Required prior and related subjects: Foreign language (B2 level)
Summary of the subject: Module 1. (reading) International academic conferences; University teaching, learning and research; academic publications; international cooperation. (listening) Attending a conference; troubleshooting; networking; presentations Module 2 (speaking) Socializing; presentation skills. (writing) Academic correspondence; writing a summary; describing visual data. Module 3. Organizing and participating in academic events. Writing for publication. Module 4. Teaching and learning in English.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control: listening, monologic and dialogic speech, reading, writing. Final control: exam The distribution of points according to a 100-point scale Current control (CC) Total for the discipline 100 Classroom work 20 Listening 5 Reading 5 Speaking 5 Writing 5 Examination Test 55 Individual work 25: Exercises from the textbook 5 Lexical and grammatical tests in Virtual Educational Environment 5 Glossary of educational and special professional words 5 Monologic speech 5 Dialogic speech 5
Recommended books: • English for academics (book 1) ( 2014) .Cambridge university press and the British Council, CUP • English for academics (book 2) ( 2014) .Cambridge university press and the British Council, CUP • Azar, B.S (1999) Understanding and Using English Grammar. New York: Pearson Education. – 437 p. • Ek, J.A. van and J.L.M.Trim (2001) Vantage. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. – 187 p. • Evans, V. (1998) Successful Writing. Blackpill: Express Publishing. – 116 p. • Kay, S. & Jones, V. (2001) Inside Out. Oxford: MacMillan Publishers Limited. – 160 p. • Murphy R., English Grammar in Use. CEF Level: B1 Intermediate - B2 High Intermediate. Cambridge University Press. • Quick Placement Test (2001) Oxford: Oxford University Press. – 26 p.