World Cadastral Systems

Major: Geodesy and Land Management
Code of subject: 8.193.00.M.043
Credits: 3.00
Department: Cadastre of Territory
Lecturer: Dr. Hubar Yu.P.
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: INT. Ability to produce innovative scientific ideas, master the methodology of scientific and pedagogical activities, solve complex problems in the process of innovative research and professional activities, conduct original research in the field of geodesy and land management at the international and national level. ZK1. In-depth knowledge in the field of geodesy, photogrammetry, cadastre and land management, cartography and remote sensing. FC1. Ability to apply professional knowledge and practical skills to solve typical problems of the specialty, as well as the choice of technical means for their implementation; FC2. Ability to use knowledge and skills to calculate a priori assessment of accuracy and selection of technologies for the design and implementation of applied professional tasks. ZN1. Ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of domestic and foreign scientific achievements and theoretical and applied principles in at least one of the areas of geodesy and land management: geodesy; cartography; land management and cadastre, assessment of land and real estate; geographic information systems and technologies; photogrammetry and remote sensing. UM1. Combine theory and practice, as well as make decisions and develop a strategy for solving problems of specialty (specialization), taking into account universal values, social, state and industrial interests. UM4. To choose and apply the methodology and tools of scientific research in the implementation of theoretical and empirical research in the field of geodesy and land management.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous: Philosophy and methodology of science. Related: Modern technologies for creating cartographic products
Summary of the subject: The emergence and development of cadastral activity. Inventory systems in the world. Coding and classification of information in the inventory. The study of discipline is required for postgraduate students applying for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the specialty 193 "Surveying and Land Management". One of the most pressing problems of market transformations in Ukraine is the creation of a single cadastre and registration system, the main functions of which will be the registration of land plots, other real estate objects and rights to them, promoting the development and transparency of the land market, creating its information infrastructure, introducing a mortgage for land mortgages , improving the efficiency and objectivity of taxation, creating attractive investment conditions and protecting them.
Assessment methods and criteria: • written reports on practical work, oral questioning, control work (40%); • final control (60%, control measure, exam): written-oral form (60%).
Recommended books: 1. Kadastr tery`torij: navch. posibny`k / I. Perovy`ch, V. Saj. – L`viv: Vy`dav¬ny`cztvo L`vivs`koyi politexniky`, 2012. – 264 s. 2. Klasy`fikaciya kadastrovy`x sy`stem Yevropy` za pravovy`my` sim'yamy`. Rezhy`m dostupu: 3. Kadastrovi sy`stemy`, yak efekty`vny`j mexanizm derzhavnogo upravlinnya. Rezhy`m dostupu: information system - A resource for the e.u. policies - Overview On The Cadastral Systems Of The E.U. Member States // Permanent Comittee On Cadastre In The European Union. Режим доступу - http: // / pdf / Cadastral%20systems_III_2009.pdf - назва з екрану. 4. Land Administration and information – GLTN Заг. з екрану. 5. Land Administration for sustainable Development / Jan Williamson, Stig Enemark, Jude Wallace, Abbas Rajabifard. – New York. Esri Press. – 2010. – 487 p. 6. Lemmen C.,.Oosterom P. The land Administration Do-main Model Standard. International FJG workshop on the Land Administration Domain Model 24-25 September 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia p. 1-20. 7. United State Departement of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Cadastral Survey. Specification for Descriptions of Land: For use in Land Ordess, executive ordess, proclamations, Federal register documents and Land description databases. Електронний ресурс.