Current Issues of Socio-humanitarian Sciences (in Area of Social Work)

Major: Social work
Code of subject: 8.231.00.M.008
Credits: 3.00
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor Proskura Volodymyr
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Learning outcomes Mastering general scientific (philosophical) competencies aimed at forming a systematic scientific worldview, professional ethics and general cultural worldview; Acquisition of language competencies sufficient for presenting and discussing the results of their scientific work in a foreign language in oral and written form, as well as for full understanding of foreign scientific texts in the relevant specialty, application of modern information technologies (presentation of scientific results); Acquisition of universal skills of a researcher, in particular oral and written presentation of the results of own research in Ukrainian professional: ability to demonstrate subject and modern knowledge base in professional and related fields, to create and interpret new knowledge, including at the border of subject areas; ability to conceptualize, design, apply and evaluate the subject project of the study; creativity, abstract modeling, substantiation and delineation of research tasks to supplement, transform, synthesize new and complex ideas, scientific knowledge in professional and related fields; find, select, contextualize and interpret a significant amount of source base, apply the principles, methods, tools and technologies of health activities in research and practical social work
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites Research seminar in the field of sociology and social work Co-requisites: Clinical social work Current state and prospects of development of scientific knowledge in the field of "Social Work" Management of social changes
Summary of the subject: Prerequisites and context of social work in Ukraine Complex life circumstances: concepts and types. Social services in Ukraine. Innovative technologies in social work in Ukraine. Prospects for the development of social work in a territorial community Prospects for the development of social work in probation services
Assessment methods and criteria: current control - performance and protection of individual tasks, test control, frontal survey (40%) • final control - control measure (exam) written examination (50%) and oral examination on the issues of examination ticket (10%)
Recommended books: Lukashevych M. P., Semyhina T. V. Sotsial?na robota: teoriya i praktyka: Pidruchnyk. Kyyiv: Karavela, 2015. Pro sotsial?ni posluhy: Zakon Ukrayiny vid 17 sichnya 2019 r. № 2671-VIII. URL: SemyhinaT. Suchasna sotsial?na robota. Kyyiv: Akademiya pratsi, sotsial?nykh vidnosyn i turyzmu, 2020. 275 s. Semyhina T. Zavdannya sotsial?noyi roboty u konteksti Tsiley staloho rozvytku// Tsili staloho rozvytku: hlobal?ni ta natsional?ni vymiry. M-ly mizhnar.nauk.-prakt. konf (5-6 kvitnya 2017 r.) [Za zah. red. Semyhinoyi T.V.]. Kyyiv: APSVT, 2017. S. 138-141. Semyhina T. Mizhnarodna sotsial?na robota: hlobal?ni priorytety sotsial?noho rozvytku i nove vyznachennya sotsial?noyi roboty // Visnyk APSV. 2015. № 1-2. S. 6-11. Semyhina T. Psykhosotsial?na reabilitatsiya kombatantiv: mizhnarodna ta vitchyznyana praktyka // Aktual?ni problemy sotsial?no-pravovoho statusu lyudey, postrazhdalykh pid chas provedennya ATO: Zb. materialy vseukr.nauk.-prakt. konf. (19 kvitnya 2017 r.) [Upor. Zhuravel? YA. V., Khopun O. S .; Semyhinoyi T. V.]. Kyyiv: Akademiya pratsi, sotsial?nykh vidnosyn i turyzmu, 2017. S. 78-81. Semyhina T. Chomu sotsial?na robota zabuvaye zelenoho kol?oru? // Visnyk APSVT. 2018 rik. № 2. S. 11-27. Semyhina T. V. Sotsial?ni posluhy v terytorial?nykh hromadakh Ukrayiny: innovatsiyi pravovoho rehulyuvannya // Visnyk Akademiyi pratsi, sotsial?nykh vidnosyn i turyzmu. 2019. №4. S. 65-75. URL: