System of Social Security and Support

Major: Social work
Code of subject: 8.231.00.M.012
Credits: 3.00
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Shapovalova Tetiana Viktorivna
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. Acquisition of universal skills of the researcher, in particular oral and written presentation of the results of own research in Ukrainian. 2. Orient in the issues of international experience of social work, social policy and use this knowledge in the theoretical substantiation and practical introduction of innovative foreign practices in domestic social work. 3. Ability to deeply substantiate knowledge of the main processes in social work and social sphere in the world for the last quarter of a century; detailed or very detailed knowledge of a special field of research in combination with knowledge of general scientific discussion and contribution to the individual field of study of the social sphere. 4. Program development and management - understanding and ability to apply in practice the principles of joint research in social work, social sciences and humanities. 5. Ability to implement technologies of inclusion, other innovative technologies, methods, means of social work in a situation of incompatibility of different categories of clients aimed at social inclusion. 6. Ability to develop and implement rehabilitation programs of social work on the basis of complexity and interdisciplinary approach with the involvement of foreign partners.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous academic disciplines Actual problems of socio-humanities
Summary of the subject: The discipline involves the study of graduate students issues related to improving the system of social protection and social security as a factor in building a welfare state, the formation of a perfect legal framework for social protection, financing of social protection and social security, foreign experience of models and programs of social security their introduction into the social protection system in Ukraine. Theoretical and methodological aspects of the concept of social protection and social security of the population The system of social protection in Ukraine: essence, main components and directions of improvement. Regulatory field of social protection and social security. Financial aspects of the formation of the system of social protection and social security. Actual problems of social security Foreign experience in the functioning of the social protection system.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control 40 points Exam 60 points
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