Research Section in the Field of Transport

Major: Transport Technology (by type)
Code of subject: 8.275.00.O.006
Credits: 3.00
Department: Department of Motor Vehicle Transport
Lecturer: Dmytriv Ihor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences (Ph.D.), Assoc. Prof.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: The purpose of teaching the discipline is the formation of students' ability to produce innovative scientific ideas, to master the methodology of scientific and pedagogical activity, to solve complex problems in the process of innovative research and professional activity, to conduct original scientific research in the field of transport at the international and national level. As a result of studying the discipline, the student of higher education will acquire basic knowledge of the fundamentals of elucidating the theoretical foundations of scientific and research activities, and providing methodological recommendations for the implementation of specific types of scientific, educational and research, dissertation and other works.
Завдання: PС 1. Acquisition of in-depth knowledge of the specialty in which the graduate student conducts research, in particular, assimilation of basic concepts, understanding of theoretical and practical problems, the history of development and the current state of scientific knowledge in the chosen specialty, mastering the terminology of the researched scientific direction.
Learning outcomes: KN 1. Ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of historical and modern conceptual and methodological and methodological principles of transport. Sk 1. Select and apply the methodology and tools of scientific research in the implementation of theoretical and empirical research in the field of transport. Sk 8. Conduct a scientific conversation and discussion in Ukrainian and English at the appropriate professional level, present the results of scientific research in oral and written form, organize and conduct training sessions. AaR 3. Ability to be aware of and take personal responsibility for the results of the study.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous disciplines: - All professional disciplines. Related disciplines: - Theory and practice of scientific research in the field of transport; - Experiment planning and processing of the obtained results; - System analysis on transport.
Summary of the subject: The purpose of the discipline is to highlight the theoretical foundations of the methodology of research activities, as well as specific recommendations for the implementation of certain types of scientific, research, dissertation and other work. The study of the following topics is provided: 1. Retrospective of road transport development; 2. Scientific communication; 3. Bibliographic apparatus of scientific research; 4. Basics of information retrieval in the process of scientific work; 5. Scientific-metric base Scopus; 6. Scientific-metric bases Web of Science; 7. Basics of working in Google Scholar; 8. Reference managers; 9. Research ethics and academic integrity; 10. Types of scientific publications. Professional publications of Ukraine; 11. Requirements for the design of scientific papers in international scientific journals "Philadelphia List"; 12. Monographs, textbooks, guidelines; 13. General methods of dissertation research; 14. European standards of higher education.
Опис: 1. Retrospective of the development of road transport. 2. Scientific communication. 3. Bibliographic apparatus of scientific research. 4. Basics of information search in the process of scientific work. 5. Scientific and metric database Scopus. 6. Web of Science scientific and metric database. 7. Basics of work in Google Scholar. 8. Reference managers. 9. Research ethics and academic integrity. 10. Types of scientific publications. Professional publications of Ukraine. 11. Requirements for registration of scientific works in international scientific journals of the "Philadelphia List". 12. Monographs, training manuals, methodological instructions. 13. General methodology of dissertation research. 14. European standards of higher education.
Assessment methods and criteria: • current control (80%): written reports on practical work. • final control (20%): testing.
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Assessment of students' knowledge in the discipline "Research seminar in the field of transport" is carried out in accordance with the working curriculum in the form of current and passing tests.
Recommended books: 1. Dmytriv I.V. Avtomobilnyi transport. Teoriia i praktyka naukovykh doslidzhen. Navchalnyi posibnyk. Natsionalnyi universytet „Lvivska politekhnika”. – Lviv : SPOLOM, 2019. 316 s. 2. Dmytriv I.V. Teoriia ta tekhnolohiia naukovykh doslidzhen: mekhanichna inzheneriia : navch. Posibn. Lvivskyi natsionalnyi ahrarnyi universytet. Lviv : SPOLOM, 2017. 212 s. 2. Dmytriv V.T. Mekhaniko-tekhnolohichni osnovy system doilnykh ustanovok. Teoriia ta eksperyment : monohrafiia. Lviv : SPOLOM, 2017. 350 s. 3. Adamchuk V.V., Dmytriv V.T., Dmytriv I.V., Lavryk Yu.M. Adaptyvnyi mikropulsator avtomatyzovanoho doilnoho aparata. Teoriia ta eksperyment : monohrafiia. Lviv. Nats. Ahrarn. Un-t. Lviv : SPOLOM, 2016. 152 s. 4. Dmytriv V.T., Adamchuk V.V., Lavryk Yu.M., Dmytriv I.V. Enerhooshchadnyi pnevmoelektromahnitnyi pulsator avtomatyzovanoho doilnoho aparata. Teoriia ta eksperyment : monohrafiia / V.T. Dmytriv, V.V. Adamchuk, Yu.M. Lavryk, I.V. Dmytriv. – Lviv : SPOLOM, 2016. – 178 s. 5. Dorozhovets M. Opratsiuvannia rezultativ vymiriuvan: Navch. Posibnyk. Lviv : Vyd-vo Natsionalnoho universytetu „Lvivska politekhnika”, 2007. 624 s.