Research Seminar in the Field of Public Management and Administration

Major: Public Administration
Code of subject: 8.281.00.O.006
Credits: 3.00
Department: Administrative and Financial Management
Lecturer: Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Professor, Petrovskyy P.M.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Ability to clearly and effectively describe intensive, deep and detailed results of scientific work. Knowledge of the specifics of the process of institutional development of public administration, its basic patterns, trends and dynamics of development, interaction with civil society institutions, business in the field of public administration. Ability to conduct specialized scientific seminars and publish scientific articles in major scientific journals in this field. Knowledge of the features of institutional management influence, the specifics of assessing the activities of civil servants in public space. Ability to conduct functional analysis authority. Ability to review and search for information in specialized literature, using a variety of resources: monographs, professional domestic and foreign periodicals, databases, online resources. Ability to complete an extended original study based on a critical review of sources and provided with the necessary scientific apparatus such as notes, bibliography and publication of relevant documents. Achieve relevant knowledge, understanding and ability to use data analysis methods and statistics at the latest level. Ability to manage research projects and / or make proposals for research funding, registration of intellectual property rights, use of modern information technology. Ability to assess the impact of the macroenvironment on the functioning of the state. Practical use of tools for socio-political participation in public administration, conducting political discourse and exercising political influence. Ability to analyze and synthesize information regarding the development and implementation of the state development strategy. Ability to independently conduct research and make decisions.
Required prior and related subjects: Professional pedagogy
Summary of the subject: The basis for studying the discipline is the development of graduate students of theoretical and methodological foundations of public administration and the ability to apply them in the process of further research and to form a high methodological culture.
Assessment methods and criteria: Students' knowledge is assessed on the basis of: - current success (participation in discussions at seminars and practical classes, independent work); - writing creative work in the form of an essay; Participation in discussions - 30 points Creative work / essay - 40 points Final control of discussions - 30 points
Recommended books: 1. Petrovsky PM Prepared terms for the encyclopedic dictionary "Public Administration": subject-subject relations, public-discourse discourse, the purpose of public administration, the basis of theoretical and methodological, public personality, communicative rationality, semantic war. - To: NAPA, 2018. 2. Encyclopedia of Public Administration: 8 volumes; T 2: Methodology of public administration. - К .: НАДУ, 2011. - 692 с. 3. Krushelnytska OV Methodology and organization of scientific research. - K., 2003.